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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Need to check with you, since it's triangular shape, how do I determine the midpoint of the house? Also how to judge the facing, etc, standing from the main door, it's facing East but from the floor plan, the main door is on extreme right so is the main door facing East or NorthEast? If the block is L-shaped, how do I know which direction is the facing of my block? Looking at the master bedroom, I can'tseem to find a place to put my king size bed, any advise? Since one of the bedroom has sharp corner, is it advisable to build a custom made wardrobe to hide it? Thanks again! cheers, Kevin
  2. Hi, I am seriously considering to buy this 4 room HDB flat but the layout of the unit is of odd shapes, so wanted to know if I can renovate and hide the odd shapes and thishouse still can be of good fengshui? Or no point buying since nothing can be done to rectify it? Pls kindly advise. Thanks. cheers, Kevin
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