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  1. Thank you Master Cecil, Since the building already exists and we are not able to relocate it, we are interested in finding a cure for any problem the current building placement/existence of a detention pond may have. Is this something you can help us through an off-site consultation? if so, what would the cost be. Best Regards,
  2. I have a small retail center. the lot is irregular, very narrow in the back and wide in the front. A site plan is attached. In addition, there is a storm water detention pond in the front. The pond is dried most of the time unless there is heavy rain. I have 2 questions: 1. I have heard that the lot lay out is bad feng shui. Is that true and if so Is there anything I can I do to remedy it? 2. Is the detention pond in the front good or bad? If it is bad is there anything I can do to remedy it?
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