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  1. Dear Master Cecil, Thank you for your very quick response, after my initial posting I left it for some time before having another look at the environment with fresh eyes. On returning I realised I'd placed some symbols of wealth such as money toad and a scroll of 9 goldfish which I must have done without thinking. Both of them appear to blend rather nicely with the fire items because of their colours and it actually feels ok. So I think I have addressed my issue whilst taking into account the bad stars but thank you for your link it does make alot of sense. Kindest Regards
  2. Dear Master Cecil, Please can you help me because I am struggling with the combination of flying stars in the W sector of my house this year. The combination is #7 #3 with annual of #8. Normally I apply fire elements to weaken the wood aspect of the #3 flying star and to control the metal aspect of the #7 flying star however by doing so I don't know whether that is going to support or negate the effects of the wonderful #8 water star this year. I know #8 belongs to the earth element and fire would support it in theory but I've always treated the #8 water star with water....and if I apply the water element this year of course I'd weaken the #7 metal star but I'd also nurture the #3 wood star. Not something I want to do. Perhaps I've been incorrect in applying the water element to support the #8 and I should have been using fire all along. Can you advise? I would very much appreciate it.
  3. Hello My house was built in 1985, it faces E2 and from what I understand the previous owners enjoyed good fortune whilst living here. The house underwent a single storey extension in 2006 (knocking through half a wall in the NW sector) at the rear by one of the owners before selling the house and moving out in March 2008. It then laid empty until Oct 2008 when I purchased it and practically gutted it. I replaced all the windows, internal doors, bathroom, kitchen (knocked down another half wall in the centre), flooring and decorated all walls and ceilings. Even the gardens front and rear have been landscaped and the loft space insulated. I eventually moved in Dec 2008 so it was empty when the renovations took place. I've applied the appropriate feng shui 'cures' to address the in auspicious and inauspicious flying stars based on the period 7 but my problem is a consistent 'haemorrhaging' of money. The latest is a huge tax bill not caused by myself but by someone working out the figures incorrectly. The same situation happened to my husband last year. So my question is because of all the renovations and empty occupancy for over 6 months, has the period of the house changed from a 7 to an 8? My gut feeling is it's still a period 7 house and I'm missing something? I would really appreciate your advice and skill. Thank you.
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