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  1. Dear Master Lee, Thanks for your practical words. Can you please clarify me on this point you wrote; 4. There is no right or wrong in determining the frontage under Flying Star. But if you spent considerable time at the bedroom. And if the bedroom has especially an external opening; you can consider that as the frontage for? the purpose of applying Flying Star Feng Shui. When you say opening, does it mean like a door ? Or the windows can suffice ? There are only windows in both bedrooms. The only doors that open to the exterior are the main entry and the door to the balcony. And yes, I am trying to learn and follow Flying Stars Feng Shui before I do any decoration changes or cures perhaps. Having moved so many houses in the past decade, I hardly feel settled anywhere. Regards, Mir
  2. Hello again Master Lee, I am having a big doubt again with my charts for the facing direction of this apartment. I hope you could help me with it. 1. My apartment is situated on 2nd floor of a 3 storey building (rectangular building) with several apartments. The location of the apartment is on the back side of the building and left corner. The facing of the whole building is NW, thats why I used this for the house also, as the building is a low density one. 2. I had used the front door which opens to a long corridor as facing. There is hardly any natural light coming from that area as it is facing the corridor. The most light comes form the windows on the SE side where the 2 bedrooms are located and I leave the doors open so that light comes into the hallway inside the house. 3. There is a small grassy backyard of about 5 meters running along the back of the building and then hedges separating the neighborhood homes (all landed property houses). There is also a power line running on this backyard next to the hedges. I can see all these from the windows in the bedrooms. 3. The living room has less light in the mornings compared to the bedrooms, but nonetheless the windows and doors next to the balcony gives natural light. The balcony also faces another balcony of the neighborhood building (similar structure), a distance of about 6 meters. 4. In light of this should I change the facing of the apartment ? It seems very confusing suddenly. I like to work mostly in the bedroom areas as the light is warmer and better /or the kitchen. We seem to use the living room very less. Thanks, Mir
  3. Thank you Master Cecil, will read on similar case studies through the Search.
  4. Dear Master Cecil, I do agree that the view is a spectacular one when the sun is shiny and there are pretty clouds, but it can get cold, wet and very humid during the rainy, windy or hurricane seasons. But during the different seasons, we enjoyed the fruits from the garden, banana, papaya, mango and avocados plentiful The terrace is very nice during the late afternoons and sunsets as long as you are protected from the mosquitoes. So finally I take the SE1 as facing, can you see some bad things for such a nice place, I am really piqued to know your thoughts on the FS chart below; SE1 facing .........S........ 967 422 249 158 876 694 513 331 785 .........N........ 513 falls in the main bedroom; 876 is both the dining and study desk, 249 is the kitchen area. Some points to note; 1. The entry door seems to be a protrusion from the house. Do I take the protruded part of the main entry, and also the terrace into the FS map/chart ? 2. The whole house has wooden ceiling beams, house is made of wood to keep it light for making it hurricane and earthquake proof. 3. There is a storage/garage room underneath the house only till the distance (end) of the living room, beyond that is the earth indicating the sloping difference in the entire construction of the house. 4. There is a satellite parabola in the garden near the middle of the terrace and is pointing someplace vaguely in between and up towards the whole house. Thanks
  5. Dear Master Cecil, I have put some pictures so you get a better idea, the left view from the terrace (facing the lagoon) is the big banyan tree of the neighbor's house. The landscaped garden was fenced by the landlord for security reasons, and you can see a small gate on the left. Great ! Now I just realized that there was an antenna dish pointing somewhere at the middle of the house ! The mango tree is on the corner of the terrace (right side, where the stairs to the double door is). Regards, Mir
  6. Dear Master Cecil, thank you for your inputs. As for your queries; 1. The East side (sorry about the direction indicator, its more towards the SE, I will attach another google earth picture again) which has 3 large openings, are double doors opening to the covered terrace. It also has a netting door usually used during the day and night time to keep out insects and mosquitoes. For the double door in the bedroom, I had put a desk and a chair so that the child bed in the corner does not have the feet directly to the door as there would be something in between. We hardly used the 2nd bedroom. 2. For your circles in pink, the South side, there is a lawn outside. Underneath, the house is a big garage (mostly used by the landlord to store old furniture and his household items) that extends all the way till the end of the living room. The window opposite the main door, we could see the gate from there, so I had put up a screen as I did not feel comfortable. 1. Usually, under macro Feng Shui, it is often the frontage rather than : main door entrance facing. Sometimes, the main door entrance matches the frontage. While is fine or OK. 2. From a macro Feng Shui point of view; it is best to understand what is at the South and East facing directions. As highlighted in the "yellow boxes". 3. Just looking at the interior layout and assuming East has sufficient open space; most likely as for now; based purely on as it is; the frontage seems to be East i.e. sitting West FACING East. 3.1 But if East is facing another home or blocked by it; or very dim and dark; then the facing could resort to South or even West. Anybody's guess given the limited "view". This side (SE to be more precise) the view is not blocked. The covered terrace has a very nice view on a landscaped garden and see the lagoon. The SE facing reading comes to 115.83. So, can we say the facing is the SE ! Thanks, Mir
  7. Dear Master Lee, I am an avid Flying Star FS learner, and was curious to find out something about a house I lived before. I would like to see your readings on this one and opinion on what should be the facing of this house. The House period is 7. The main entry is a small extended part of the house facing NE (the door). While the terrace side is facing a beautiful lagoon, and another secondary door facing SE (sometimes used to go in/out of the house, if only someone is in the house, it has a latch inside but no lock outside) with a garden and beyond, unused land sloping towards the lagoon. Thank you for your consideration, Mir
  8. Thank you Master Lee, as always the logical and practical answers from you. Will plot both charts and update soon again. Regards, Mir
  9. Hello, I would like some help for the period determination, for a new apartment my family just moved into some months ago. The building is in the period 5, but just before we moved, the whole apartment was re-painted, the kitchen tiles were replaced and all windows (in the building including our apartment and one door to the balcony) were replaced, so does the house period get changed ? The very important NW part of the house is also missing, and I would like to finish my Flying star analysis, it would be completely different readings with the house periods, so please help. The house facing is NW1 (295.2) taken at the main door, we we are on the 2nd floor of the building complex. The corridor is long and straight, we are at the end, perpendicular to it and opposite the main door is the main door of the neighboring apartment. Thanks, Mir
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