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  1. Sir, can you help me how to apply my personal 4 good & 4 bad directions in my house like where should I properly stand up to find the 6 pillars. Is it right that East is where the sun rises so that would be the East? I do really need your help, Sir. I have to start applying my personal directions that I have taken from your site for me to apply it before January 23. Your kindness will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Juvy
  2. Greetings, Sir! I just want to know how to compass the house and where should I stand when doing the compass.According to my friend, just find where the sun rises and that would be the East. I want to compass it after I got a report of Feng Shui Pillars from your site and for me to find out where I should properly locate myself inside my house especially during the sleeping hour. Thank you very much and more power to your site. Respectfully, Juvy
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