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  1. Hi Cecil, With regards to #2: Kitchen door is opened; The kitchen table-top and stove are in full view of the main entrance door... Is there any way how we can overcome these? In fact most if not all of the new developments are design with such layout. Yes probably there'll be a sliding door but like what you've mentioned how often we'll keep it closed, at most only when cooking. And I was also told try not to put fire (stove) and water (fridge/sink) close by. However in this layout where the fridge is opp the stove, does it matter? If so how can we overcome this Thanks a lot
  2. Hi Cecil, Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Seems like for Bedroom4 both the wall shares the same wall as the sewage pipe. In this case would it be advisable for me to use it as a study room instead? Thanks and Regards.
  3. Hi! I just came to know about your website, thru my Bro, regarding The Terrace @ Punggol. i noticed you also have other interesting views on other EC, but none on WaterWoods Would sincerely appreciate if you could give some views on WaterWoods @ Punggol, about the project and layout for 4bedder And also the name WaterWoods, will it in anyway affect or benefit one whose life has too much or lack of any of the elements? Thanks in advance for your time. Yours sincerely, FiFi
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