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  1. Hi Master, My mother had not been feeling well. We not sure whether there is something wrong with the kitchen setup. We require your advise. Thanks
  2. Hi Master, My sister saw this flat that they like but notice from the window there seem to be a poison arrow pointed to the living room. Beside is the LRT station in Punggol. Is there any cause of concern ? Thanks,
  3. Hi Master Lee, Thanks for your prompt response. We check with the owner that so far no leaking and we visit the units a few times but did not see any trace of leaking. Assume if the structure is not an issue, from feng shui perspective, can I interpret the above as still a no no to stay ? There is no remedy at all ?
  4. Hi Master Lee, If the water tank is directly above our unit, it is consider as bad feng shui ? If yes what is the remedy ?
  5. Dear Master Lee, Would like to check whether this posion arrows is deadly ? We finally find a house that we like but noted that there is a poison arrows. Any solutions to this ?
  6. Thanks Master Lee. We went to view another hdb unit but face a poison arrow. We thought the unit is not bad. Are we able to put a bagua mirror on the main door to deflect these poison arrows ? Below is view from main door.
  7. Thanks alot Master Lee for your details info. It's really helpful in terms of identifying the posion arrows. We are still viewing few more units in bishan block 145/141/177/124. Hope we can find our home. Blk 177/124 is on lower floor 4th and 5th. I am wondering for feng shui, Is anything against living a lower floor ?
  8. Hi, We are looking at blk 145 bishan level 8 at the middle left corner. From the map or top down, we are not sure how to spot the poison arrow. To be honest, we love the unit but for me, I not able to accept the poison arrow pointing to the main door. Thanks,
  9. Thanks Master again for your help. Even the building is many block away can still be considered as poison arrow ? Is there anyway to fix this poison arrow ?
  10. Thanks Master for your advise. We would like to check how about the building behind as highlighted in red ?
  11. We are interested in one of the unit. However, From the main door, We kind of saw there is a sharp cones object facing the main door. We would like to check whether is the pics we took really show poison arrow facing main door. If yes what is the remedy.
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