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  1. I would like to emphasize on what this testimonial says and I would like to, also, thank Mr. Lee for my Ba Zi analysis. It has been, indeed, the only correct analysis I have ever got. All the other analysts said I am a "weak metal" and only Mr. Lee's analysis indicated that I am rather "strong metal". And that clarified EVERYTHING! It is true, according to my life's events and according to what I feel that does me good and what isn't good for me.
    Thank you Mr. Lee and I am looking forward for more deep knowledge coming from you.

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  2. Hello Mr. Lee!
    I would like to ask you, which do you think are the most suitable dates for:

    1) Collecting and storing our old (2018) feng shui therapies.

    2) "Big Cleaning" before new year enters in February 5th, 2019.

    3) Placing the cleansed / new therapies for 2019.

    Which is the method to figure out the above dates for each year ahead?

    Thank you very much!

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