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  1. Thank you very much Master Cecil Lee. Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday. Thank you. David Tee
  2. Dear Master Cecil Lee, Thank you very much for your very detailed explanation. I appreciate very much your kind assistance. I will be booking for your kind service appointment shortly to view my house. Thank you very much. With Best Regards, David Tee
  3. Dear Master Cecil, I wish you well. Could you kindly help to differentiate between a period 7 or period 8 house. How does one determine a house as period 7 or period 8? The HDB flat that I am currently living is built in 1989, I moved in 2011, without much renovation, except changing the toilet door, and the toilet seat. Is this still consider as period 7 or a period 8 house? Kindly advise if possible. Thank you very much for your kind advise.; Greatly appreciated. With Best Regards, David Tee
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