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  1. Hmmm... interesting reply. The garage was included in the map of my house because it is attached and someone advised me to do that. Actually, one person who has experience with feng shui and on a feng shui site blog I was reading the garage should be included because it is attached. If it should not be attached, then I guess I would have to re-do my entire bagua map. The bagua areas of South, Southeast, and East are all "in the garage" From what I read these areas represent wealth and abundance, the south fame and reputation. This is why I came to the conclusion that the underlining concern is the sectors I mentioned earlier. So are you saying that I should not consider this area part of my home? I realize Feng Shui is very complex, but I'm also feeling like I'm not learning anything about what to do. Or where to go to get some concrete answers. This is why I asked about hiring a Feng Shui expert, not because it was mentioned. I was simply asking how to go about finding one. I'm attaching a copy of my floor plan with bagua areas marked. Maybe this will help you understand my questions. Let me know.
  2. I totally understand what you are saying. More information is needed to assess the situation and come to a conclusion. I do have a map of my home (compass directions and all) but no, I have not considered flying stars at all. The outcome I am looking for an increase in income/finances and growth in our investments. My concern is that because the East, Southeast, and South are all in my garage that this will hinder, or stop the flow of money coming into our household. Are you suggesting that I hire someone to come to the house in person? And if so, how do you find a reputable feng shui practitioner to work with?
  3. My husband loves pointy leaved plants and has a few he wants to be brought into the house. Currently, they are in our greenhouse, but I'm reluctant to bring them in. Is there area, where a large spikey leaved plant would work well? There are no thrones, but the leaves are thin and pointy. "spikey"
  4. How do I enhance the financial energy of the east, southeast, and south if this is where my garage is located? Is there anything I can do to activate this area positively?
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