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  1. Hi Master. Is it correct to say that Feng Shui cures must be activated with the “intention” to transform them in a cure? Otherwise it could happen that a simple red night light (the ones to avoid to hit corners while commuting to the bathroom....) or the red switch of an electrical power strip could be classified as Feng Shui cures with very negative outcome if they happen to be in the wrong place. The same happens for painting or pictures of water of mountain placed in wrong place by an unaware house wife. Again: many objects in the house are objects with a mass, does this mean that an iron on the iron board next to the wall activates a mountain star, maybe a very bad one? Thank you for clarifying my doubts.
  2. Hi Master. Is it possible to activate a #8 water star in a center palace? According to I-Ching no water is allowed there, but perhaps there is another possibility to enhance the star ? Or is the star lost? Thanks
  3. Hi Master. I have a question regarding Ba Zi personal dressing colors. I understand the importance of wearing the most suitable colors according to our element needs, but it’s some times difficult to convince women and young children to follow that. So, I wonder if special jewellery with elements marks ( fire, water etc) could suit the requirements of Ba Zi, bypassing the limitations for the dress code. Thank you
  4. Hello Master, I need your expertise! The center of a SW sum-of-ten house is closed in a understairs closet. In attachment the natal chart of the center sector. To me this sector is rated average (due to triple combination and sum of ten) thus I don’t know if I must be happy and keep closed, or try lo leave it open for the benefit of the house. Thank you for your kind help.
  5. Thank you, perfect explanation. More on the calculation side: the month star must be compared (through element cycle) with the year star or the base star? Or with both? Thanks again
  6. Hello Master, can I ask you to explain me how to use the month star? Please be so patient. I have learnt the year star should be compared to the base star through the element analysys. In the picture: fire (9) is controlled by water (1). Star 1 is going to win: Auspicious combination What if I want to use the month star instead of the year one? Does it work the same way? Do you raccomend checking the month star every month and change the analysis and cures accordingly? Thank you master
  7. Ok thank you very much! Thus I see that the flying star chart is the same for both floors but the cures are different becouse of the different rooms laying on the two floors. am I right? Thanks again
  8. Hi Master, I wonder if you can help me understand how to analyse a two floors house. The house of my case is perfectly squared on both floors, like a cube. The question is whether I have to calculate eight mansion and flying star indipendently for the two floors and find the two centers. Or maybe the directions and the stars are the same provided that the rooms are more or less in the same position on the two levels. I hope you can help me. Thanks Ludovico
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