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  1. DEAR MASTER CECIL, Void Lines advice. I have come across your articles and advice and we are moving to a new house. I like your in-depth style and examples. Below are some small analysis I have done. IMAGE 1 HOUSE IMAGE 2 Higher Up Image Because this is a public listing, I will add the link to the house here as well so you can get a sense of it: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/28-Lake-Dr-Roosevelt-NJ-08555/248943810_zpid/ Me and my husband are both KUA number 3, Both Sheep/goat 1979. We are in process of purchasing a house due to career move. It is unique, in sense that it is a geodesic dome house. The house is actually quite lovely(way more than many other typical houses) and the vibe did not feel creepy at all. In fact from the first time I saw the listing online I felt like this is the one and as we came to visit the house, I said, I wish this was Airbnb so we could try overnighting. Feels bright and airy and smells good and owners keep it sparkling white. Yes after reading about void lines I do recall when I saw the front door and the landscaping, it reminds me of a Japanese Zen temple(only esthetically, not the feeling). But did not feel like ghosts at all. Since we are east group people I was disappointed to learn the front door is not facing south fully but south west-ish, right on the big void line between S3 and SW1. Though this image is from google maps. I assume now the house faces S/SW towards the road, but lot of light is actually coming from S,SE,E and north sides because that's where other deck glass doors and big windows are. Do we have to construct new front door or tilt the door frame angle more/directly to the south? Or just use the garden door on the right for now? I am willing to construct a new door but may take a bit of time. Should we also add a fountain/pond to the front of the house? Thank you for any and all advice. Kat
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