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  1. Hello Cecil, thanks for all the response from you. Found another unit where the window in front faces the attached. It doesn't have a city view like the ones i posted earlier. It faces the side of another building, separated by a road so it still has some distance. The general feeling is good. Wondering if it's ok to face a building before i make the final decision. Thereafter, I would require your professional help to do an audit for the selected unit.
  2. I found some potential units but am unsure about the view of the rooftops. unit A: unit b: i would like to check your price for doing an audit at my future office. Small size office. Many thanks ahead.
  3. So to say it is not good fengshui to have your homes or office near a temple is incorrect? I’m in the creative industry.
  4. I’m looking for an office to rent and there is an office building called skyline building that is beside beside guan im temple. It is separated from the temple by a hotel. Am wondering if it’s ok to have my business in an area where there is alot of temple activities and crowd.
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