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  1. Hello and Happy Holidays from Elena! I recently became a single mom in reduced circumstances. I "lucked out" by finding a very inexpensive apt but the general complex is rundown. The landlord is completely redoing the apt for me (new floors, rugs, redoing ceilings, counters, appliances). The people before me wrecked the apt so it will be brand new. I looked up the house numbers on the free reports (apt. 4, building 14815). The complex was built before 1977. I don't know when the roof was replaced on the building complex but I'm sure it had to be repaired since then. On the free reports the original date (1963-1984) built gives me a FS analysis of stomach disease. Moving up the date (1984-2003) gives me an excellent fortune. I used a compass to find out the door faces W160 so the layout is good for me. The heater unit runs along a wall off from the center of the apt, which I don't like, but it's logical to heat the apt.I don't want to make a mistake because I can still go for a high rise apt but it would be double the price and farther away and a whole other search. What would you advise me to do? I wasn't experienced enough in FS when I bought this house and combined with my Pillars period which wasn't great, my luck was weak. Thank you for any advise you can give me! Sincerely, Elena
  2. Dear Cecil & Robert: For the metal cure if you don't have coins, I thought you could also cut out quarter shaped aluminum foil circles and tape them directly to the beam without red paper. Is this correct? Thank you!
  3. Another use for coins - russians like to put gold coins in the brides shoes so that she "walks on gold" during the wedding service.
  4. Dear Cecil and Robert: How does a FS master tilt the front door? Should a construction crew be present LOL? Thank you!
  5. I had an apartment a couple of years ago with a toilet/bathroom in the dead center. I suffered from the worst health in my life and had to have a major operation. Once I found out about FS I realized we have to move asap. I've not had the health problem since (of course the operation helped. LOL
  6. Dear Cecil & Robert: My dear friends absolutely fell in love with a pretty house but it's U-shaped. I advised them to build a wall/roof and make it a family room/rec room and why. They agree. Is building the addition after you move in (before six months are up)OK? Also, will "adding" to the roof make the roof a new age (house built 1950)otherwise roof is great. I looked at the free flying star and it looks good for them and direction wise for breadwinner. Shapes & Form is OK - big, big frontage, but it's a corner property (which they will fence asap). I'm buying them a flying star report as a housewarming present if their offer is accepted. Please help! Thank you!!!!
  7. The Russian culture also has a similar tradition: As soon as the couple is married the families greet them with bread, salt and an icon. It is considered bad luck not to have any bread in the house.
  8. PS: Found an older message not approved for viewing during our check, so we have approved it. I think one of the most interesting things Cecil ever posted was how to change your destiny: Education & Good works. I think learning to live a spiritual life qualifies under education and good works and can change your life. Feng shui does not interfere with any religious belief and opens the mind and enhances mundane living.
  9. Hello Cecil & Robert: I guess my question wasn't clear before: Should the room with beams have a metal packet on the beam and also a metal packet on the wall for the flying star cure? Thank you!!!
  10. Hello Cecil & Robert: I have a much used room with beams that needs a metal cure. Do I use the same "6 coin metal red packet" for both? Or do I hang one to break the beams AND another one to balance the sector? Thank you!
  11. Hello Cecil & Robert: You've heard the expression "good fences make good neighbors"? We need a good fence not only to define and enhance our property, but for child safety and to serve as insulation against street traffic noise. We are installing new windows so that will help reduce the noise alot but I really want a stone fence in front of the property (need earth type fence). My husband does not think it's practical. I know the chinese don't approve of white picket fences or iron bars fence. What kind of fence do you recommend for this situation. Thank you.
  12. Hello Cecil & Robert: Someone that I met that practices Feng Shui told me not to place magnets and/or pictures on the refrigerator because this will cause warts/boils/etc on the skin. What do you think of this theory? Thank you.
  13. Hello Cecil & Robert: Textured walls (interior and exterior) are very popular now in Los Angeles. Since the house represents the body, will this affect the health of the skin? Thank you.
  14. Hello Cecil & Robert: If you have a location that needs a metal cure, would painting the room a gold color fullfill the requirements? Thank you.
  15. Hello Cecil & Robert: When you have a mountain star location that happens to be over your bed, do you activate it (what about stuff falling on your head)? Would a large headboard fullfill the requirements? Thank you.
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