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  1. Dear Anon, Sorry, while trying to reply, you message was accidentally delete. Thanks for your feedback not to change the format of the forum i.e. dumping the messages to a search engine type. In fact, we are waiting for the newer version of the forum software. The current new version we understand is still `buggy'. The new forum will add functionality as it can be fully customised/programmed by us. I am also glad that your friends have enjoyed the forum. Warmest Regards, Cecil
  2. Dear cecil, I needed to know how can one subscribe to old messages from the forum since my friend does not have access to internet and recently subscribe to the mailing list. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, We did the flying star and pillar of destiny couple of months ago and things were going well till we removed the annuals and planted the perennial plants in anticipation of the change of weather in southeast part of our garden 2 weeks ago since then every body's health has become worse. We wanted to know did we do anything wrong here. Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that when #1 #8 combination occurs in the flying star of a home that means that owner will win some money in the lottery. Is it true. Thanks.
  5. dear cecil, I read somewhere that when the Wu Chen star occurs in the pillar of destiny of a person that means that the person will have a accident or some unfortunate incident will occur in that persons life. Is this true. And can it be prevented from happening. Thanks.
  6. Dear cecil, I am posting this question on behalf of my friend who wanted to know how Qi moves inside the house when it enters through the main door. Whether it moves anticlockwise or clockwise. Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, Why don't you do what encyclopedia Britannica has done. They have made available all 30 volumes free of cost to the user on internet and said that they will absorb the cost(each copy cost between $20 - $30) by using advertisement on the their site. Why cant you do the same instead of passing the cost to the user since user are also contributing their time and energy to expand this forum. Thanks.
  8. dear cecil, would like to see forum become a encyclopedia of feng shui so any body who is looking for any information regarding feng shui should be able to find it here. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Would like to see down cursor for the free advise conference since it takes forever to scroll down to see the latest messages. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, Would like to table of contents for search function since sometimes it takes long time to search for what one is looking for. If one can look at the content table then it will be easy to type that word and get the answer faster. eg. 1. Doors 2. bedrooms 3. Beams 4. bathrooms 5. Mirrors 6. Grand duke 7. Kitchen 8. Fireplace 9.Windows 10. Mountain star 11. Water star 12. Garages 13. Garden 14. Four symbolic animals 15. Loupan 16. Qi 17. Canter 18. Devils gate 19. 8 House 20. Direction 29 Fish tanks 30. Crystals 31 Fountains 32. Wind Chimes 33. Flying star 34. Pillar of destiny 35. Five elements 36. I-Ching and many more and they should be arranged in alphabetical order so it will be easy for the future users to search for the topic they are looking for. Thanks.
  11. Dear cecil, Is having white colored furniture bad. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that for 2000 the horse should avoid green and green and should enhance oneself with red , purple or pink. Is this correct or one should do the pillar and enhance oneself with the element given for that particular year for that particular person. Thanks.
  13. Dear cecil, Every body know if a house has a bad feng shui. But how does one know if the remedies which one used after pillar and 8 house and flying star is put correctly. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that one way of finding out if the new house has a good feng shui is to bring a baby and if the baby cries it means the new house has bad feng shui. Is there any truth in this. Thanks.
  15. dear cecil, Can one keep fresh flowers around the house according to ones choose or one has to do it according to flying star. Thanks.
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