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  1. Dear Robert: I know only that San Yuan was referred to as "triple fate", and San He, as "triple combination", and they are from different feng shui schools. You have further enlightened me on San He, when you asked for specification as to Mountain & River, or Three Rivers, or River Tortise. I didn't know of these choices. I believe the San He refers to special flying star combination(s). Would this be Mountain and River? Your expanation of San Yuan having its orgins in the San Yuan period for deducing the base star within a cycle, and the sequential breakdown of periods for determining the flying star number(s), makes good sense and clearifies much. I must apologize for my ignorance of Chinese characters and names as this contributes towards my difficulty in comprehending some things. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Vivian Espinosa ----- Original Message ----- From: Listmanager To: Sent: April 09, 1999 6:53 AM Subject: Re: San Yuan/San He
  2. What is the difference between "San Yuan" and "San He"? I think I would like most to know about "San He" first. Why are they different from Xuan Kong? I'm dying from curiosity about this. Thank you for any help on this subject, Vivian
  3. Hello Everyone: I truly appreciate the input regarding the south door (base 1, m-6, w-6)and the interactions of the stars. I have another question, this time about special geomantic charts, one of which is called the "Three Combinations". It refers to three sets of numbers: 1-4-7, 2-5-8, and 3-6-9. I read, if these combinations are present in all nine palaces of the house chart, then a special interpretation overrides all other combinations. It does not matter which number is the base number and which number is the mountain or water star. As long as the above combinations are present in all palaces it is considered very auspicious. Normally combinations of 3-6-9's refer to lawsuites, injuries, etc., but under the above conditions the bad stuff is minimized or doesn't operate as usual. Have you or anyone you know had any experiences with this type of geomantic chart for a house? Your comments please. Thank you, Vivian
  4. My husband and I are both S.W. people. He is weak wood and I am weak water. We have a south (not so good) main entrance. The flying stars for our south main entrance on a 6 cycle house is, base one, mountain six, and water star six (maybe O.K. for us). Recently, I was reading about "Conditional Interactions", which is only applied to the facing palace (main entry)of the house. The combination of an earthbase number and water star of either 1-6 or 6-1 at chen and sun is waxing or increasing in strength. The same numbers at K'an is at its best position and strength for a main entrance. When 1-6 or 6-1 is at li (south) it is considered malevolent (back to really crummy front door again). Am I understanding this conditional interaction correctly? Would it make any difference to paint the front door navy blue, (its presently a red door)? Is there any remedy for this south main door until we build a door on the S.W. part of the house. We won't be able to install a new S.W. door and wall over where the south door is until September. Your comments please. Thank you, Vivian Espinosa
  5. Dear Karen: Feng Shui consultations can cost around $500.00 up, this may or may not include round trip air fare depending on where your chosen consultant resides. May I suggest investing in basic feng shui books. This is not only for finding out good information like, "where is my wealth corner", but for the purpose of understanding what your feng shui consultant is talking about and the purpose of any changes being made. Under "Book" recommendations, Robert and Cecil Lee recommend "Feng Shui for Beginners" by Richard Webster. Other good beginning books are; Feng Shui for Apartment Living by Richard Webster Feng Shui Step By Step by T. Raphael Simons The Western Guide To Feng Shui by Terah Collins Applied Pa-Kua and Lo Shu Feng Shui by Lillian Too and a good reference book is, The Feng Shui Anthology by Jami Lin The above books can be found at most larger book stores or you can order on line through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Borders book stores. They all carry beginning-intermediate-advanced feng shui books. If you have a neighborhood bookstore that will special order for you this can some =times be more convenient than hunting around for stores who may or may not stock your selections. Hope this is helpful, Vivian Espinosa -
  6. My husband and I are both S.W. people. He is a fire snake and I am a water horse. We live in a house where the N./S. line runs from (north) the kitchen sink, where I stand a lot cleaning up and cooking, through the center of the house into the main bedroom. This line cuts straight across our sleeping bodies through the corner of the bedroom to the entry door to the carport which is the main door my husband uses. I measured from the center of my house with my digital compass. Even though the head of the bed is on a west-northwest wall, there is no other place to move it. We both suffer health problems, also he is a grouch and I'm prone to migrains that occasionally result in emergency hospital visits. What if any cures are available for such a situation? We have two other entry doors. The second door is a north facing door in the N.W. quadrant of the house, which is used less then the south door. The third door is in the laundry room at the N.E. corner of the house and also faces north but is blocked off and never used. The kitchen is on death and the bedroom is on irritation. The other bedroom which is to tiny to fit the bed is the spook area. All the good spots seem to be confined to a large livingroom and the laundry room. Thank you for any help you are able to offer regarding this house we are in. Vivian Espinosa
  7. Hello: I'm very curious about ley lines, sometimes called dragon currents or dragon lines. How does one measure out the location of these lines inside the house, what are the names of these lines, which ones are lucky and unlucky? Are their any books written about this subject and its relation to feng shui? Need to know more where do I go to find information? Thankyou, Vivian
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