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The Feng Shui Ruler

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Door And Window Dimension

1. You can always obtain a Feng Shui ruler and use the good ruler measurements. Please note that most Feng Shui ruler has two columns. You should be using the top column (measurement) as this is meant for Yang Feng Shui or for the living.

2. Except for an altar, an altar needs to be most optimum by using the auspicious measurements that coincide with both the top and bottom measurements.

Reference: http://www.geomancy.net/resources/theories/fs-ruler.htm

3. Alternatively, you can the mulitple of 17 inches for the door.

Thus, the width could be 17 inches x 2 =34 inches. And the height of the door in multiples of 17 inches x ( ) = .

4. If one does a SEARCH in this forum, one can also find this link:-


Dimensions for A Chinese Altar

Standard height for any altar: 125cm to 128cm. If a piece of glass is to be placed on the altar, then go for 125cm. Width depends on your needs: 18cm to 23cm or 40cm to 43cm or 59.5cm to 69cm Length: 41cm to 43cm or 59.5cm to 69cm or 71cm or 89cm or 107cm or 148cm