A Practical Approach to Feng Shui, Today

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Reference: http://forum.geomancy.net/phpforum/article.php?bid=2&fid=6&mid=29773&new=

These are further considerations:

1. Attached, please find a mind-map that I had just drawn to show the relationship between the two major concepts that are widely applied to Feng Shui today.

2. There is an interesting link between the Flying Star Feng Shui and Ba Zi to the Five Elements concept. The plus point of the Five Elements Concept is that as it is the lowest common denominator; it is like the glue that binds both Flying Star and Ba zi.

3. Today, the key success factor of the Compass School of Feng Shui (Eight House and Flying Star) is it's accountability: based on one's Year of Birth. How to get this wrong? Even if it is say wrongly calculated; anyone can double-check the calculations. The Compass School of Feng Shui became highly popular with DIY enthusiasts around 1980's onwards.

4. Frankly, in the past around the 1930s even till today; before the advent of the knowledge of Para 3; Ba Zi and Ba Zi Feng Shui was widely used. But the main drawback is that often no two masters get the same answers - all the time! Prior to the internet age, who cares! No-body even know that you got it wrong! Today, with free access; and tons of sites; everything changes here.

5. A practical approach, therefore is based on the attached model. And one of the critical usage is at the "final stage" of analysis i.e. a sector or e.g. a bedroom. If the individual is suppose to sleep in that room and he is a weak water person; then this info is looked at in relation to the Flying Star chart of that room (sector) to fine tune the analysis and recommendations for that room (sector).

A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...