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Ba Gua (Pa Kua) Mirror - Convex Or Concave

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Dear Dr Muthu,

In practice, usually when a next door neighour has a main door that faces each other; one neighbour may place a Ba Gua (Pa Kua) concave mirror above the door. In such a situation, the neighbour has no choice but to use a convex mirror to conteract the concave mirror.

The Ba Gua mirror depends on the thinking or mindset and the use varies with " different people ":-

1. Some practioners or practioners who combine Feng Shui with religion may go all out to advise each and every household they come in contact with to place a Ba Gua mirror above their house even if there is no sha qi or poision arrow.

These group believe that by placing the Ba Gua mirror above the house, it wards off evil coming into the house. This group may advise one to place a Ba Gua mirror at the frontage of the house and not necessarily at the main entrance door. Sometimes, they may ask the household to use a regular mirror instead of the Ba Gua mirror.

In my opinion, please take such advice with a pinch of salt.

2. Other practioners are " selective " and ONLY advise those to place a Ba Gua mirror to deflect poision arrow towards the main entrance door. If you are standing on the steps of your main entrance door and look out and notice that the tree is in direct line `slicing' part of your main door, then this is considered sha chi.

Currently there are four methods of dealing with this (not in any order of importance):-

1. Change the angle of the door to face one of your best directions i.e. tilt the door to one that faces one of your good directions. This is said to `kill' two birds with one stone.

2. If your main entrance door is elevated, you can have semi-circular steps leading to the house. This is one technique of `radiating' sha ch' away from your main entrance.

3. Alternatively, if your main entrance is level to your external of the house, you could consider a specially made semi-circular carpet e.g. of half of a sun with it's fiery sunlight (spikes) radiating away from the main entrance door.

4. Hang a pakua above the main entrance door.

However, in your case, so long as the posion arrow is not aimed at your main entrance door or a window at the frontage of the house, one should not be using a Ba Gua.

My advise is if one is unsure to use the Ba Gua or not, then don't use it. This is because it is never wise to `play' with Feng Shui. It is best to get your basics correct e.g. your element and its strength; relate this with the Flying Star Chart of your house etc....

In your case, plants are the ideal situation for a barrier between your house and the road.

Warmest Regards, Cecil

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>From: "Muthupalaniyappan Yegappan" > >This message is sent from "free-advice" Mailing List. > >17-07-99 >I have read that there are Pa Kua with concave & convex mirror - when do you use each ? >I was advised to place a concave Pa Kua mirror at the front portion of my house facing south with the road slightly off to one side of my gate , but not in line with my Main entrance door . There is a drain directly in front of the gate on the other side of the road in front of my house , with a line of coconut trees by the side of the drain . I read somewhere that a concave mirror will absorb all the 'bad chi' of the poison arrow - the road etc. But it meets up with the wall of the car porch and does not affect the Main door .. What is your advice regards the Pa KUa concave mirror - keep it or remove it " >Thanks >Dr.Y.Muthu

The Concave mirror

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