Colours Of Roof Tiles

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Color Of Roof Tiles And Exterior Wall Colours

IN GENERAL these are the considerations or pairings of roof tile colours and exterior wall finishes:-

1. If possible try to avoid BLUE roof. As under the I-ching, blue represents difficulty and if it is the entire roof, it is like water on-top of you.

2. If blue roof MUST be used, then the exterior walls should be white or off-white never cream or beige.

3. If grey roof is used: best choice for the exterior walls is white in colour. Grey exterior walls, so so. IF grey roof is used must avoid cream or beige coloured walls.

4. Under current Feng Shui period, the best colours are earth tone (cream or beige) colours especially for exterior walls. Thus if green roof is used; cream or beige or peachy colours are acceptable.

5. WHITE roofs is a no no as it represents "death or mourning."

6. Common traditional colours are orange or maroon. If so, any exterior wall colours are fine. For example, if such coloured roofs are used: exterior wall colours can range from white to off-white to cream or beige, to red brick tile colours etc.. etc....