Colours Under The Five Elements

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Color (Colour) Associations Under The 5 Element Concept

1. I feel that this is a useful reference chart to help in identifying which colours belong to which one of the Five elements.

2. These are further considerations:-


2.1. Sometimes yellow colour can be considered either as Metal (Gold) or Earth element.

2.2. Predominantly YELLOW colour is associated with Earth element. Do look closely at the material. For example, in many instances; especially curtains; if the finish is matte in colour then we may consider this as YELLOW.

2.3. However, if the material is shiny or has "shiny" gold or gold like threads, then it could instead belong to the Metal (GOLD) element.


3. In general, if the material is wood such as a wooden furniture; we could consider brown as belonging to the wood element.

3.1. Thus under this definition; we may call this grouping: Wood element as Wood, wood tone or brown.

3.2. And brown can range between: pine wood, maple wood, cherry wood, teak wood, oak, walnut to even piano black wood.

3.3. However, especially if the material is not wood such as pure soil; then some Geomancers thus associate brown colour with the earth element. They are not wrong, here.


4. Violet colour may often be mistaken for blue. Just hope that one is not "colour blind". And look at the title on the can of paint for the paint or pantone discription, here.


Five Elements and it's associated colours...