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The Dining Table

Posted in: Info :: Feng Shui Tips & Guidelines Posted on: Wed, 30 Jul 2003, 10:19 AM

This tip can be classified under Commonsense Approach to Feng Shui

Question: Is it auspicious to place the dinning table facing the main entrance door?

Often, in many homes (Singapore); and most likely in many other homes all over the world; many of us would place food / bread and other food stuffs and even fork, knife etc.. on the dining table.

Take an example of a family of 5 (Husband, wife, 3 children) . The wife (usually the homemaker) would often prepare the food and in a small home, place food on the dinning table.

The three children may most likely come home earlier. And the spouse and children may have their dinner earlier. The husband, who works over-time may come back later. (To eat the `left-over' food on the dinning table.

Here, the idea is that if we choose to leave our door open, and if we live in an apartment, neighbours passing thru the common corridor could get to see food on our dinning table.

Alternatively, if the dinning table is always cluttered with food, drinks etc... and since first impression counts; it would be best to keep the dinning table away from main entrance (view).

Another inauspicious symbolic thing is not to have things like fork and knifes facing the main door.

Next time, if someone ask you this same question: Is it auspicious to place the dinning table facing the main door... you can now better explain it:)