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The Living Room or Dining Hall Divider (Partition)

1. Does every home need a room divider (partition)?

From a Feng Shui point of view, not every home necessarily needs a divider. If in doubt check with your Feng Shui Master.

2. Usually a divider may be recommended (if) the main entrance door opens directly towards an OPEN window on the opposite side. Here, this is symbolic of qi (wealth) leak.

3. Especially for those who had purchased a full featured home such as a condominium; should be wise enough to check if it is necessary or not to have a divider. One reason is because, there are no major scope of work needed for such a new home. And, perhaps cannot totally blame the Interior Decorator (ID). As they may usually end up recommending, that we spent money say on a divider, mirrors e.g. on the dining table wall, false ceiling etc... Just ponder over this, whenever we hear the advise of our ID.

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Some Common Guidelines on the installation of a partition:-

  • 1. Avoid placing shoes in the partition cabinet.
  • 2 Avoid circular designs for the partition
  • 3 Avoid placing a reflective glass facing the main door
  • 4 A partition should if possible based on good Feng Shui ruler dimensions: the smallest is *35inches and often the most optimium is approximately 42 inches or more ...
  • 5 Avoid having the partition slice thru ANY part of the passageway.
  • 6 Contrary to popular believe, the partition need not be fully air-tight. For asthethic, it should preferable be at least the same height or higher of the main door top-frame.
  • 7 Avoid placing a three-beam partition - especially if it resembles three joss sticks praying to the dead.

Kitchen Door directly facing Main Entrance

Question: Regarding to kitchen door facing main door, if relocate the kitchen or the main door is not a option, then what should I do to improve the problem?

  • 1. May consider install a partition.
  • 2. On / Off! When the main door is opened, (if possible) the kitchen door is closed. Frankly this may not be practical day-to-day situation. Para 1 is a better choice.