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Hi! I have bought Lillian Too's book 'Feng Shui Life Planner' and read about the House Trigram Formula and Flying Star Formula. From what I read, the house trigram formula consists of numbers based on the house's sitting position and the annual star. The flying star formula consists of numbers based on the period of the house (facing direction) and the water and mountain star. It is also said that the House Trigram formula is a branch of the flying star formula.

I can understand the use and basic interpretation of the numbers for them individually but can both formula co-exists, do they complement each other or do I have to choose one over another? A specific sector of the house may have good numbers in one formula and bad in another formula. In this case, which one should I be looking at?

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1. We human beings have our birthday (Date and time of birth).

2. Similarly, a home also has it's birthday. Flying star Feng Shui is about the "birthchart" of a home.

3. In general, the home is considered as the environment we live in.

4. Thus, it is always good to first plot the chart of the home's birth chart e.g. use Flying Star Feng Shui, first.

5. Next, we then apply the Eight House (East/West group). Applying this concept should be considered as "NICE-TO-HAVE" and not a "MUST-HAVE".

5.1. For example, even under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, often even for a bedroom, there are limited ways to place a bed. As there is the bedroom door, often, the attached bathroom; window and even built in wardrope. Thus, even if the Eight House concept recommends placing a bed-head in a direction but it conflicts with the layout plan, then, "too-bad", we can't place it as the book says, so...

5.2 As we are just the occupants, we should first and foremost apply Flying Star Feng Shui to correct the imbalances (or to enhance) the home. And subsequently, we humans, need to stay in the home, we can then "Nice-to-have" try to see if we can apply this Eight House (East/West Group).