Flying Star Feng Shui as a Diagnostic Tool

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Flying Star Feng Shui as a Diagnostic Tool

Reference Forum Message:

. This two sample illustrations combine the two major Compass School Feng Shui:-

1.1. The Eight House Concept 1.2. The Flying Star Feng Shui

2. Professional Feng Shui practitioners use both concepts. (Of course in addition to other concepts like the Ba Zi of individuals, and Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, missing corners, external threats such as angles of other buildings).

3. The Eight House Concept has more to do with "Nice-to-have" sleeping in a good sector/ good direction and also which is the good direction for study or work.

4. The Flying Star Feng Shui

This "proper diagnostic" tool can help to:-

4.1. Enhance sectors e.g. if detected and feasible to be applied. 4.2. Help to understand whether a sector can or cannot place a water feature. 4.3. It is used to understand "wealth" leaks and help to guide what "cure(s)" to be implemented.

Mouth of the house...

6. In authentic traditional Feng Shui, these are some of tools, that we need to: do the homework with and then draw conclusions from these analysis. And there should not be an excuse for some to "demand" an answer when all these information are not available to a practitioner.

7. If these tools are not used, then the word "Sorry" apply Trial and error, please.

8. Attachment:

8.1 Flying-Star-Diagnostic-Tool .gif

Is an example of a "worked" example of not only simply placing Flying Star numbers but the need to individually analyse each and every sector of a home.

This sample is meant for a home that was built and constructed between 1984 to 2003.

Flying Star as a diagnostic or trouble-shooting tool...

8.2 Flying-Star-Diagnostic-Tool-1 .gif

Flying Star as a diagnostic or trouble-shooting tool...

If there is major renovations done on or after 2004, the qi may change to this sample.