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The Continuum Fallacy


1. We can take cue from the paradox known as "The Continuum fallacy" (Neither at the extremes end of Hot or Cold - in between)

2. Here, education system cannot be considered as distinctively Wood or Water Element. (or even a mix of other elements).

A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...

3. This is because between Wood or Water there exists a continuum of states.

4. For example: Even in dull subjects like Accountancy; there are applied concepts such as "Creative Accounting".

5. Even in the study of Marketing; there are some topics that depends sterlie understanding of the concepts or parigdms.

6. Even for us humans; even if there is a continuum of Hot or Cold; we can't simply drink boiling hot water. Often, we go for lukewarm water especially for babies or children.

7. Thus, even for teachers: and for any subject; many "smart" teachers would often try to make their topic interesting (Water element) while for some topics.. no choice have to be "dry" (Wood element).

8. Therefore again; education must not be considered belonging only to Wood OR Water and considered as DISTINCT. In real-life it exists in a continuum neither at the two extremes but somewhere along the continuum.