Kitchen Door Is Facing A Bathroom Door

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Good day master cecil lee. i would like to ask if there is something wrong with the present position of a comfort room door directly against a kitchen door even if the kitchen door does not lead outside the house.i would like to feel confident that i won't attribute bad vibrations from this set-up which i couldn't move anymore. and what should i do? i make sure the kitchen door and comfort room doors are closed always. i could not possibly put a partition between them because my dining table is also between the two doors. please help me. thanks a lot!

Reference Forum Message:

1. This can be "explained" from a "Commonsense Approach" to Feng Shui.

2. Why is it that many Feng Shui practitioners say that a toilet or near to a toilet is no good? In the past, many Chinese homes do not have a toilet in the home, the toilet is a distance away from the home.

3. I have mentioned this many times:

3.1 One day, while driving along a highway, there was this radio feature, where this fella, says that where-ever one place one's toothbrush in the toilet, there sure to be "germs" on it. This is especially true, if we flush the toilet (bowl) and the fine mists shoots out all over the place.

3.2 And his solution? Buy his disinfection tablets much like those for disinfecting false teeth!

3.3 Come on! Many or ALL of us, always use the same toothbrush for at least a few months! Surely a little bit of germs makes most of us resistant. Unless we are suddenly weak, then it may be an issue.

4. The idea is that "worse-off" are those that have a toilet door opened towards say the stove. And if we do not close the toilet door and if we place the toilet bowl sit flat, when we flush the toilet bowl, the "mists" would fly and even reach areas like the stove surrounding. More - of a hygiene consideration.

5. That is why also, it is advisable not to place a fridge facing a toilet door (particularly) facing a toilet bowl. Here, if the fridge does not have those uv or baterial inhibitors, when we open the fridge door and at the same time flush the toilet bowl, some of these germs may just get into our fridge. Thus, fruits, vegetables would "decay" earlier.

6. In your case, the fortunate thing is that the toilet door is not directly facing the cooking area or the kitchen (from what I understand) from your message. Thus it is still acceptable!

7. Thus all these can be related more towards "Commonsense" and here, "simply commonsense Feng Shui". That is why, simple things like using separate cutting board for vegetables and fruits vs another cutting board for raw meat etc.... All these has to do with cleanliness and hygiene! You can still say it is still "Feng Shui" good or bad...