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Welcome & Introduction to!: Meet Cecil Lee

I am currently in the process of sorting, collating, analysing and organizing 14 or more years worth of forum postings, forum resources, a huge collection of website resources and experiences. Where the forum is good for day to day postings, it has it's limitations when we want to organise important and relevant information. Thus, I am embarking on this project to create "one-of-a-kind" wiki for your convenience, quick reference and understanding. For those who like to participate especially in this wiki can approach me:

This wiki aims to provide you with in-depth information of real-life, real-people with the very Best Feng Shui practises, available today.

Warmest Regards,

Cecil Lee Principal Consultant and Founder GEOMANCY.NET: Center for Applied Feng Shui Research E-mail:, HOTLINE : +65 6100-9600 International Hotline : +65 6100-9600 SMS / MMS: +65 9785-3171 Fax: +65 6482-0570

Geomancy.Net Free Feng Shui Advice Forum since 1996 @ HTTP://FORUM.GEOMANCY.NET

Geomancy.Net has been providing Free General Feng Shui Advice since 1996.

Milestones of's General Advice forum:

June 1996 to November 1996 - Cecil Lee started this general advice forum in June 1996. It was hosted on a third-party free forum website. (Note: The third-party free forum has seen closed down). Our forum was called: The Support Bulletin Board (BBS).

From December 1998 onwards, Robert Lee, created and hosted our existing forum. And it has been in use since then!

The forum went for a major updating of it's interface, twice: 2002 in (Perl) and 2005 in (PHP).

The best part is that all our messages since 1998 can still be searched and read in it's entirety.

There is simply no other equivalent Geomancy forum in the world that had managed to retain resources that goes as far back as 1998.

With so much rich resources! Real people, real issues and concerns! Little wonder that this is considered an "A" list site where popular Search engines like Google and Yahoo; sent their robots, to archive all resource and forum messages.

And the very old link was from our Homepage:-

['s in-house forum started in 1998]

In 1996, we hosted our messages on a free third-party forum. This site only allows messages to be kept up to 60 days only.

Unlike having it on our own servers where even till today; you can easily search and read past messages as far back as 1998.

[Free 3rd Party Hosted Forum from 1996 to 1997]

Thus you are looking at one of the oldest; largest and well respected forum on Geomancy & Feng Shui, today!

Furthermore, no where else in the internet can one find a forum with past readable messages as far back as 1998! (Our first forum was hosted on a third-party forum, thus we no longer have forum messages in the years of 1996 and 1997.) However, since we ran our own forum in 1998, these 1998 messages are still available, today!

A few years ago, some users commented that they took more than a few months to go thru each and every forum message! You don't have to! As I am always constantly updating relevant information, here in this wiki.

What Others Say About

View the numerous Compliments and Accolades: Learn More

City & Town Planning Projects

How many Geomancers have the privilege to do City and Town Planning?

This is a sample of one of our City-Town planning projects:-

Another example of our Town Planning for Vietnam:-

We have been involved in several projects of City-Town planning for a neighbouring country. We can draw from history how in the past, a few Feng Shui Masters were privileged to do town planning for cities like Canton etc...

Other macro projects include:-

Small to Large sized Office Buildings Medium to Large Residential Condominiums Recreational & Chalets and more...

How did all the Great Feng Shui Masters of the Past Learn & Practise their Feng Shui?

  • 1. All Great Feng Shui Masters of the past, are all ordinary mortals: like you and me!
  • 2. In the past, many Feng Shui Masters learn Feng Shui from various books and also through their experience.
  • 3. What is common amongst all the Greatest Feng Shui Masters was that they practice Feng Shui with an open mind, willing to learn and their key success factor is to apply what they felt could work most of the time and discard those theories or concepts that don't work most of the time.
  • 4. All the Classical works on Feng Shui has never used products such as crystals or many of the commercial products found today! In fact, our grand-parents time, crystals were not even invented, then! Feng Shui is about our earth luck and how best we can harmonise ourselves to our environment. Thus many of the products have no magical properties. And the sellings are only trying to enrich themselves since these products are highly marked-up with very high profits to be made.

Nowadays, with the vast resources and easy access via the internet, Feng Shui is no longer a secret. Thus, becareful of people who still call Feng Shui "secret" or "magical"! Frankly, they are pulling a fast-one on us!

Feng Shui audits do not need extensive renovations or hacking of wall(s). Also, authentic Feng Shui does not require you to purchase any modern commercial products.

The key success factor is to find the root cause of the problem.

Is there a leak (career, wealth, happiness) somewhere?

Can your new or existing home benefit? Find out more:-
Fix, the Leak, First!

Why is it that the Rich gets Richer, and the Poor?

So, how does the rich get richer? Find out what is Quantum Leap in Feng Shui. In addition, there are homes that really have bad Feng Shui.

In the 1980's to late 2008, the trend was about Fast Food Feng Shui.

If you are a Newbie, check out: Newbie Pitstop

Fake Feng Shui

1. Fake Feng Shui web sites features and sells commercial products in the name of Feng Shui.

2. "Many people always asks this question: Where is my Cai Wei (Wealth Sector)."

Why disappointment them!

"Tell them what they want to HEAR! Then SELL IT TO THEM!"

Meet The "Feng Shui Emporium TYPE of Con Artist"

Hello Master,

I have heard and read so many times about so many cures and tons of amulets to ward off bad luck and one such amulet that a lot of people are raving about nowadays is the arowana ring. One fengshui expert says if you wear this ring it cures most everything as far as the good flow of energy in and out of your house. It sort of replaces the need to have an arowana fish in an aquarium inside your house. Please enlighten me on this.

Oh and by the way, the fengshui expert says you can only buy it from him, anywhere else will not guarantee that its gonna work.

Thank you so much

Step 1: He Identifiy your needs.

Step 2: Make himself appear to be the ONLY person who can help you.

Step 3: Unless you BUY from him, else it will not work at all!


Real Feng Shui

This chart shows the relationships of various concepts and principles that make up Traditional and Authentic Feng Shui, today:-

* A Practical Approach to Feng Shui, Today


STEP 1: Find out WHY? And's views on FENG SHUI PRODUCTS

STEP 2: Learn more about Commercial Products.

Just imagine, during our parents and grand-parents time; there were no Feng Shui products. Today, these commercial products are sold in the name of Feng Shui to guillble people. Guess who pockets your money?

One should understand that the rich gets richer not by buying Commercial Products nor getting conned through using their Credit Cards to roll over their credits.

Please support our Campaign on Facebook for "Say NO! to Feng Shui PRODUCTS" On FACEBOOK:!/pages/GeomancyNet/177582862295808?sk=photos

Singapore Property Review

* Can or Cannot Buy
* HDB BTO Sales by Month & Year of Launch
* All Executive Condos ECs in Singapore
* Read this before buying a Property

ELEVEN (11) Key Success Factors in D.I.Y. Feng Shui

 1. Feng Shui Triage Proper trouble-shooting is required.
 2. Fix-the-Leak, First! Easily three or more major problems. 
 3. The Concept of Maximizing Marks Hopefully from a FAIL to a PASS or better!
 4. The Customer Engineer Concept If you D.I.Y. make sure you read this!
 5. Commonsense Approach Fact or Fiction? 
 6. Fast Food Feng Shui
 7. Situational Approach
 8. The Concept of Feng Shui by Exception
 9. The Three-Step-Approach
10.You Stay There! We (Geomancers) Don't!
11.Your Home: An unpolished gem or a rotten apple?

Affordable Local On-site Home Feng Shui Consultations

With our International presence and extensive network, we are committed to giving you the best value 100% worry free quality audit for your premises:

HDB 2/3 Bedroom Flat = SGD $588 
HDB 4/5/Exec. Bedroom Flat = SGD $688
Condominium = SGD $788
Penthouse / Terrace House = SGD $888
Semi-Detached House = SGD $988
Bungalow House = SGD $1088
(Fixed Fee - No Additional Hidden Charges)

Find out more of all our full range of Local & International Consultation Services : Call or SMS Cecil Lee @HP:9785-3171

FAQ for a NEW / RESALE Home

1. Buying a new home? It is not just about the sales brochure
2. Can I buy this home?
3. Free Auspicious Dates for the next 30 Days
4. Procedure for 1st time Opening of entrance door.
5. Move In Procedures.
6. Buiding a new home from scratch
7. Wedding Procedures.

The Home Exterior

* Afternoon Sun?
* Dangers of Underground Water or Sewerage
* Placement of FIVE-Treasures
* Poison Arrows
* Semi-circulating entrance feature
* Shapes & Forms
* T-Junction
* Tilting Main Door
* Missing Corner or Protusion

The Home Interior

* Altar
* Air-conditioner
* Bedroom Door face each Other
* Dining Table
* Divider or Partition
* Flying Star Feng Shui as a Diagnostic Tool
* Kitchen Stove & More
* Kitchen Door Is Facing A Bathroom Door
* Bedroom: Which side must I sleep on or How to Apply Sleeping and Work Positions
* Mirrors
* Missing corners
* Recommended colors for the Kitchen
* Toilet Underneath The Staircase?
* What makes a good Water feature/ fountain

Download a form @ HTTP://FORMS.GEOMANCY.NET

House or Office Feng Shui

[DOC or / PDF ] - International Offsite Home Audit Service - [Learn More]

[DOC or / PDF ] - House Hunting / Can or Cannot Buy Service - [Learn More]

Auspicious Date

[DOC or / PDF ] - Selection of Wedding Date/ROM Service - [Learn More]

[DOC or / PDF ] - Selection of Caesarian Date Service - [Learn More]

Name Service

[DOC or / PDF ] - Selection of Newborn Baby Chinese Name - [Learn More]

[DOC or / PDF ]- Check your existing Chinese Name Analysis Service - [Learn More]

[DOC or / PDF ]- - Changing your existing Chinese Name Service - [Learn More]

Feel free to contact us at 6100-9608 if you have any problem

Useful Procedures @ HTTP://INFO.GEOMANCY.NET

* Open Door Procedure 
* Move-in Procedure
* Date Procedure

Caricatures: Laughter is good medicine

Destress yourself with the educational Caricatures:)

Other Resources: Earth Luck or Feng Shui

* A Practical Approach to Feng Shui, Today
* Auspicious Number of Steps in a Home or Office
* Auto-Suggestion
* Bagua Mirror
* Coffin Position
* Colours Of Roof Tiles
* Colours Under The Five Elements
* Eight House or Flying Star
* Facing & Sitting Directions
* Feng Shui Ruler
* Flying Star Feng Shui
* Hot or Cold
* Office Feng Shui
* Office Move In Procedures
* Positive Effects of Negative Ions
* Qi Lin Or Pi Xiu
* Roving Eyes or Infidelity
* Symbolism in Feng Shui
* Are you short-changed to buy products from your geomancer?
* Types of Ba Gua Mirror
* Using a Compass & Protractor to determine the direction of a home.
* Yin or Yang

Other Resources: Heaven Luck or Born with = Four Pillars / Ba Zi

* FAQ: Ba Zi (Lunar Vs Xia), Timezone..
* Time of Birth

Other Resources: Others

* [Sorry Link Broken in 2017[Palmistry: An Interview With Cecil Lee]]
* Pian Cai Unexpected Wealth 
* [Sorry Link Broken in 2017[100% to winning the Lottery!]]
* Moles on face

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This Wiki is maintained by Cecil Lee, Visit our on-line forum if you want to post any questions related to Geomancy or Feng Shui.