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Majority of the time many of us are confused between a protusion vs a missing corner. To many untrained eye; more likely many would mistake a protusion for a missing corner.

The most important consideration is to first find the centrepoint or centre-of-gravity of the layout plan. And from there decide whether to consider an area a protusion or a missing corner.

This resource shows the significance of a protusion or missing corner. And what it means by it:-

http://www.geomancy.net/resources/theories/fs-building.htm The shape of a house if it is protruding at a corner or if a section is `cut-out/indent' has implications on Feng Shui for the occupants depending on the direction of the protrusion or `cut-out/indent'.


Let's first look at shapes of houses with protruding corners at various compass directions:-


See illustration above. If the protrusion is at:-

1. North : Can easily make friends.

2. North-East : Enjoys doing Research and Development work.

3. East : Dare take calculated risks and is rather impatient.

4. South-East : Needs to work real hard.

5. South : Will enjoy good reputation.

6. South-West : Male members living in the house will be lazy while Females will be active.

7. West : One happy family.

8. North-West : Occupants likes a competitive environment.

Missing Corners `cut-outs/indents'

Let's look at shapes of houses with `cut-outs/indents' at various compass directions:-


See illustration above. If the `cut-out/indent' is at:-

1. North : Will meet with an accident.

2. North-East : Occupant will have poor planning.

3. East : Will be easily discouraged or suffer from low morale.

4. South-East : Daughters will not be successful in love affairs.

5. South : Will mix with bad company or be cheated.

6. South-West : Have constant bad luck.

7. West : Will frequently flirt around.

8. North-West : Will have frequent quarrels.

Do take note that if houses have too much protrusions or `cut-outs/indents' these are equally no good. Usually the problems could range from illness for members of the family, business failures or frequent quarrels and bad luck.

Missing Corners For My HDB Apartment

URL Extract of Forum message: http://forum.geomancy.net/phpforum/article.php?bid=2&fid=1&mid=24277

1. Please note that some sectors may be considered protusions and may not be missing corners depending on how one interprets more "complex" layout plans.

2. Usually, for a very important missing corner e.g. such as missing corner at NW (male breadwinner), one of the most common methods is the use of a "plain" concave mirror (as shown) in this url link below:-


3. Usually, mirrors inside the home is used to extend the look of the interior (making it look bigger). Thus not all walls is suitable for the mirror. Another common area of placing a mirror is next to the dining table. It would be good if the outside of the wall is a missing corner.

4. The use of mirror(s) is a common practise by many Feng Shui practitioners. And the concave ones are often placed facing out of the home e.g. outside of the window "usually waist" height. Usually, best not to aimed it at another person's home if it is very close-by (if possible)

5. Another method often used by some Feng Shui practitioners to "patch" a missing corner is to apply very general concepts:

5.1. What is the element at that sector and add an "ehancement to that sector":

5.2 For example, if there is a missing corner at :-

North, some Feng Shui practitioners recommend a water feature East, wood or a plant at that sector West - metal object etc...

5.3 Placing symbols of that element in that sector:-

For example, if there is a missing corner at North, a painting of a water feature - instead of real water feature or

East - a painting full of greenery or green colour or a dragon figurine to represent wood or green etc...