Office Move In Procedures

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Office Move In Procedures

Select an auspicious date & time for the Office Warming Day.

1 On this day, make sure that all windows, ventilation must be covered up - usually with black paper or cloth. So that when one enters the room, it should be in total darkness.

2 Hang a red banner across the banner of the business.

3 During this time, all electricty to the unit should be off. No equipment is to be turned on.

4 Before the auspicious time, the owner or manager would have to light up a charcoal stove.

5 Next, once the stove has been lighted up, the owner place it a few feet away from the main entrance door i.e. in the middle. And he raises his left foot then right foot and removes the red banner and opens the door. If he has staff, then all the staff do the same.. ie. raise their left foot over right foot and walk into the office.

6 Get help to peel off all the coverings to windows to allow light to come in. And then switch on the lighting in the room and all electrical devices there.

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