Poison Arrows

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A Simple Test for Sha Qi or Poison Arrow(s)


Please stand inside the premises directly looking outwards. So long as there is an external threat if it is DIRECTLY facing or between the opening where one is standing.

If the threat is to either side of the opening of a door or window; as illustrated; below; then this is not considered as a poison arrow (Sha Qi)

Is This Considered As A Poison Arrow? (Sha Qi)

1. Please see attachment.

2. This illustration shows :

2.1. a window in a home 2.2. Marking in RED "A"

3. Please note that any object within this RED marking "A" facing the window is considered a poison arrow.

4. Anything out of the RED marking "A" (e.g. blue zone) IS NO longer considered a poison arrow aimed at that window.




Types of External Sha Qi