Procedure for 1st time Opening of entrance door

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Procedure for 1st time Opening of entrance door

1) Door open - ALL call out " PING AN FA CHAI ", then throw in PINEAPPLE (x1 pcs); (For a new condominium; the developer's representative (RD) would follow you up to your unit for the hand over of your unit. If so, before the RD open the main entrance door; you should get ready the pineapple. Once the main entrance door is opened both husband and wife call out " PING AN FA CHAI " and roll in the pineapple.)

2) Prepare RICE and GREEN BEANS - Husband & wife (no outsiders except for own or family members can be around) to sprinkle ALL over the house

- Mix the rice and green beans together. (Leave a "cup-full" of green beans - for later placement at the living room area). - During this procedure, make sure that no outsiders are inside the home.

- For example, if it is a condo, the condo facilitator must leave the apartment. Own family members can remain eg. parents). - The purpose is to "sow" wealth into the apartment. Thus, it is not a matter of sprinkly lots of rice/beans but rather, try to sprinkle all over the apartment inclusive of the toilets/yard.

3) Prepare FA GAO (x2 pcs - can be brown, yellow or pink). If white colour FA GAO make sure that a circular red paper to be stuck/placed on top of the FA GAO.

- Place one FA GAO in the middle of the room - while the other FA GAO with 3 oranges and 1 red packet with some money e.g. 2 dollars, 20 cents or 80 cents will do - on top of the kitchen stove.


- Grapes should preferably be purple or reddish. But not green or black coloured grapes. - for countable fruits such as oranges (Kum) & apples please purchase 5 each to be placed in the middle of the living room. For a bunch like banana, or grapes, no need to count. - NOTE: For the 5 types of Fruits, the pineapple which was thrown in should also be included as ONE of the Five types of fruits. Thus:-

- For example: 1 Pineapple (Don't purchase FIVE! One will do) 5 Oranges, 5 Apples, 1 BUNCH of Banannas and 1 BUNCH of Grapes will do for the middle of the living room.

5) Prepare TEA LEAVES (tie kuan yin) and place it in the middle of the living room.

6) Prepare COTTON WOOL , WATER and a DISH for germinating the GREEN BEANS and place it in the middle of the living room.

Item# 3 - 6 : These are to be placed at the middle of the living room.

7) In addition, at the 4 corners of the LIVING & DINING room, place a set of 2x ORANGES + 1x Red Packet of 20cts - total : ORANGES x8 + RED PACKETs x4

8) In addition, at the KITCHEN, place FA GAO x1 and ORANGES x3 on the stove.

- with an ang pow with 20cents or 2 dollars or even number notes/coins will do. - Do not sweep the floor on the three days of placement. For example, if placed on Saturday, only sweep the floor after Monday i.e. from next Tuesday onwards ONLY. - After this date, all the ang pow money can be used to purchase sweets or sweet-drinks for own family consumption.

FAQ for 1st Time Open Door Procedure

Unclear Steps Over The Initial New House Door Open Reference Forum Msg:

QUESTION: What the purpose of preparing the following for the "initial opening of door for the 1st time". And what do we do with it after 3 days? - cotton wool, water & a dish for germinating the Green deans & place in the middle of the living room?


The picture, in this link shows how this household did the procedure:-

Isn't the tray with the green beans which turned into bean sprouts, lovely?

Please note that these are vegetables. And usually can last a week. Thus, if the green beans does not sprout like in the picture:

1.1 Make sure that it is placed in a location where there is light. As light and water is needed for germination.

1.2 Even after three days, you can still add some water.

1.3 Once it grows until as lovely as the picture, time to throw it away!

1.4. As vegetables are unlike plants where they don't strive for too long! But goodness me, please don't cut it or remove it and fry Char Kway Teow (Hokien Fried Mee ) with it, please!!!

Under the first-time-open door procedure:-

6) Prepare COTTON WOOL , WATER and a DISH for germinating the GREEN BEANS and place it in the middle of the living room.

This is a beautiful bowl of sprouting green beans:

Symbolises Growth..

Reference Forum Msg:

When can I go back to clear the items?

Reference Forum Msg:

QUESTION: Dear master Cecil,

I am getting my house key for my resale flat next Wed 25/2/09. I will do performing the ritual (doing it on my own based on your detailed instructions) as stated in your doc on "Initital Opening of Door".. H/w, are we supposed to leave the things in the house for 3 days without removing them? Can we still visit the house in between, say from Thu to Fri or we should not to return to the house until after 3rd day? As I will be going on short trip on Sat (28/2/09), I may be able to go back to the house to collect the stuff only on the following Mon or Tue evening (which is abt 5-6 days later). Will this be too late and considered inauspicious? Pls let me know? Thanks so much!

Best wishes,


1. Please note that the main idea of the procedure(s) is to place "wealth" into the home.

2. Thus, only during the stage where one is sprinkling rice and green beans, best not to have "outsiders" walking in the home where one does this procedure. As symbolically, if one accidentially sprinkle the rice /beans into an "outsider's" shoe, then they may "bring back the wealth with them".

3. Other than the above, avoid giving away the fruits etc... it has to be either: Eaten or Thrown away - never given away.

4. Once Para 2 has been done and the rest of the first-time-open door procedure has been perfomed, you can let in any other persons or go in anytime afterwards. The third day is just - to the effect that one should not re-move the items within the three days, that's all. You can go in anytime you wish or bring anyone into the home anytime after you had completed the procedure.

For those who are really (really) short of time i.e. must start renovations almost immediately; can consider performing the 1st time open door procedure and remove all items (only after 1 hour).

But take this as a "last resort".

Mostly, here, the client has to vacate their existing home, just got their keys and need to start renovations, as in NOW.


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