Qi Lin Or Pi Xiu

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Question: Hi I was planning to get the Qi Lin or Pi Xiu for my place but I have no idea will they clash?

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1. The traditional advise is to avoid placing a (LARGE) Qi Lin in one's home. Qi Lin should only be used or displayed in a temple.

2. In Singapore, in the past, a few Chinese associations placed large figurines of the Qi Lin outside their association building. This led to lots of conflicts and quarrels amongst members.

3. In a home, avoid placing such figurines as it will also lead to conflicts and quarrels amongst family members. If one really wants to place qi lin or a pair of qi lin, they must be very small sized e.g. not more than 2 inches in height and width. For conception, some place it at one's balcony facing outwards - in the hope of conceiving a child.

4. The Pi Xiu in the past was found on the stone pillars of Chinese tombs and also found on the roof of ancient Chinese buildings. Nowadays, it is common to find those who "belief" in it to place facing their main door. And many were told to "boxed" it up so that no one else e.g. outsiders can touch it. For such believers, some place their lottery ticket held by the legs of the Pi Xiu.

5. Some people, buy these objects as a form of "comforter" or "feel good" factor. It has more to do with psychology. Many rich people never even heard of these items. Perhaps, it is like the "lottery". Many "poorer" people buy such objects in the hope of ........