Recommended colors for the Kitchen

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1. In general, without looking further into other various concepts:-

1.1. Usually the safer kitchen colours should often be:

a. The cabinets: natural wood (can range from teak, maple wood, pine wood, rose wood, darker - hard wood and other wood - wood tone colours). Generally, any range of brown colours.

b. Many modern cabinets in the kitchen can also be "metallic" colour tone e.g. silver. And also white. This range of metallic colours are OK for the kitchen.

1.2. Many years back e.g. in the 1970's some homes use green laminated or greenish cabinet colours. This is also OK.

1.3 I mentioned kitchen cabinets as generally in most kitchens, these cabinets account for the largest "area" in a kitchen.

2. Especially for colours like: "Water" element colours (Blue, black or grey):-

2.1 Dark or Navy Blue colours

Any range of blue colours should be used sparingly in a kitchen environment. Be it found on the wall or kitchen cabinet. As water colours in GENERAL have to be used cautiously in any kitchen. Especially a kitchen in the NORTH sector of a home.

2.2 Black colour

Black colour should also be used cautiously especially for the kitchen cabinet or "walls". However, it is still acceptable to be used as the table top e.g. black granite is OK, here. Otherwise, avoid using it in a North kitchen.

2.3 Grey tone colour:

In general, this is a pastel colour and amongst all the "Water" element colours and is the most acceptable if one really wants to use the Water element range of colours.

3. Fire element colours: Red, pink or purple

3.1 Best to avoid using this range of colours especially for a kitchen located in the Northwest or South of a home.

3.2 Northwest is commonly known as "Fire at Heaven's gate". Or the trigram representing " Heaven " and associated with the Male breadwinner.

3.3 South: In general, south represents the "Fire" element.

4. Earth element colours : Yellow, cream or beige

4.1 This range of colours are "neutral" colours for a kitchen. Thus acceptable.

5. In conclusion:-

5.1 Generally, Wood element colours should often be used especially if the kitchen is located in the North sector of a home.

5.2 Neutral colours for MOST kitchens are: Metal element colours e.g. White or metallic colours such as silver.

5.3 Earth element colours: Most of the time is also considered neutral colour. Except bright yellow should preferably not be used if the kitchen is in the North sector of a home.

5.4 Before deciding on painting a colour for the kitchen wall, do check the "colour" on your kitchen cabinet, also. And especially a fridge (refrigerator) especially if the fridge is bright RED or bright BLUE. Other colours of a fridge is less of a concern for the kitchen.