Roving Eyes or Infidelity

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Prevent Infidelity

For relationship issues:

1. Especially for a landed property, avoid placing a water feature i.e. when standing inside the home (main entrance) looking out avoid having a water feature on the "right" side of the compound.

2. The most common cure for infidelity is to purchase a white quartz crystal or a reddish or purple amethyst stone (the shape and size of a baby boy's penis). And use an entire red string and wound round the entire stone. Next place it sandwiched below say the box-bed or in-between the bed and the platform support.

3. Usually, another concern is to check where is the SW sector of your home. If possible, keep this sector "bright" or clean or clear space.

4. For those who familiar with Flying star Feng Shui could consider checking where is your #3 (romance) sector in your home:

In particular, if there is a WS#3 and if this happens to be the location of a water feature, erh... not too good an idea. If cannot move the water feature, than suggest refer to Para 2, above.

You can also enhance this year's star #3 or try to avoid having a water feature, here.

Under the Five elements concept: #3 is a wood element. And under the productive cycle, water fuels wood. Thus making it worse off!

Under the Five elements concept: Water -> Wood -> Fire; one can consider a light , keep bright at sectors with #3.

Quartz Stone tied with red string

A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...

Flying Star: #3 & #4 Quarrels, Conflicts and Scandals

The North-West Compass Directions of a Home

  • NW sector is associated with the (Male) Head of the House. It is possible that the home may have a missing corner. Alternatively, make this area of the home "cosy", bright and clean. This is to encourage the Male breadwinner to feel comfortable in the home and most importantly want to come back, home to.

The South-West Compass Directions of a Home

  • Romance may be affected if this sector is missing or found to be located at either the toilet or store-room type of environment.