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House at at a T-Junction


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Appended by Cecil:

There are other considerations like: is there a large drainage behind the home; how does the sewerage lines run into the home; where does the drainage run off the home. And if a home is close to a damp place e.g. canal; the dread white termites...

Dear Master Cecil,

Thanks once again for the prompt reply. I didn't know that there are so many types of Fung Shui. Will do more research on it. Anyway its an auction house so would not be sure if I can get it at a low price for me to have some money left for renovation. Heard that the roof is leaking as its not been occupied for some time and not sure about the condition of the house itself. For all you know the roof is not even there as we can't have a look inside it only outside. Many thanks for answering all the questions which I have asked and would continue to look up here for more info. This site you have is great and provide us newbies with lots of information needed. Thanks once again.

Shop House Facing T-Junction

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House in Good Location?

I am interested in a house. But it looks like on a T-street and also there is a palm tree in front of the house (on the road side). can you let me know if this is a good location? Please see the link: http://20001.california.remax.com/listings/MapListing2.aspx?LID=56522708 Thank you.

A Practical House at a T-Junction...