The Concept of Feng Shui by Exception

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The Concept of Feng Shui by Exception

Posted in: Info :: Feng Shui Tips & Guidelines Posted on: Tue, 26 Oct 1999, 23:24 PM,

In basic management books, you get to hear this statement:

Management by Exception:

Managers only act on exceptions and solve these problems. And reserve their efforts doing fruitful things.

Feng Shui by Exception?

If it ain't broken, don't Fix it.

If you have the time, ponder over this statement.

Warmest Regards, Cecil

P.S. In my opinion, for English readers, if you have read Derek Walter's books, he teaches techniques or provide an understanding of a concept.

Such books do not advise anyone to use something in the hope that you become `prosperous'.

My stand is also the same.

So, have you read books that rather ask you to do this or that?