The Concept of Maximizing Marks

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The Concept of Maximizing Marks

Posted in: Info :: Feng Shui Tips & Guidelines Posted on: Wed, 16 Aug 2000, 09:16 AM, Quote & Reply

Dear Users,

1. In several messages in the forum, I mentioned that we can draw a parallel with Examinations.

2. A smart person taking an examination would try to maximise his/her marks.

For example, in an essay examination i.e. we are required to answer 4 compulsory questions.

It is always wise to answer ALL 4 questions. Where each question carries 25 marks out of 100 marks (in total).

Sometimes answering 3 questions out of 4 compulsory ones may be quite risky if we do not score well in the 3 questions.

3. Drawing a parallel, Feng Shui, Pillars of Destiny etc.. aims to maximise our EARTH LUCK

Thus, simply trying to "activate" a sector e.g. South-West (assuming that one is lucky to get it correct... not withstanding no knowledge of the Five Elements... well call this luck!)

4. If we use the Flying Star analysis, it has 9 sectors and thus, if we divide 100/9 = 11.1% for each sector.

Thus even if we `activate' correctly one sector, we only achieve 11% score. We have "failed" the examination!

5. If we apply for example, the Flying Star analysis correctly, we would have achieve at least 6 sectors (or more) x 11.1%.

6. Given that what we are trying to achieve is to increase/maximise our EARTH LUCK we also have to `take other examinations'.

Thus, for example, in real life, schooling, we need to take several papers and pass them.

7. Again drawing a parallel, the examination looks something like:

Paper 1 : Shapes and Form Feng Shui Paper 2 : Flying Star Paper 3 : Eight House Paper 4 : Pillars of Destiny

Assuming we do not give weightage to all 4 papers, we must at least, pass all papers in order to " pass " our examinations.

8. Thus, many of us, who assume that paying homage to one sector would later on, find that "Feng Shui" is not working for them.

If we look at FS in a holistic way, I am not saying that it will be successful for everyone, but, we always try to maximize or `play safe' to achieve a higher rate of success or the probability of success is much better by using tools that, should or could work for many people.

Thus, I hope you can understand that I am not trying to belittle " Kindergarten " Feng Shui but rather, hope that chances of success is better if proper tools are used to maximize our `marks' just like in an examination.

Warmest Regards, Cecil Lee

This is similar to the concept or idea of not placing all eggs into one basket