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Changing Facing & Sitting Direction Of A Bungalow

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Dear Master,

We recently bought a North 2 facing house (10 degree) and planning to change the house direction to NE by tilting the FRONT wall of the house 25 degree. To ensure that the Sitting Palace will also change to SW we will do the same to the back wall of the house.

Please advice by tilting the FRONT AND BACK WALL (not the door) of the house, is this enough and the correct method of changing the house type?

Thank you so much for your reply as this is troubling our family.

brgds Lee

These are some considerations:-

1. Location, location and location:

1.1. How large is the home's frontage and how much space is there between the home and the neighbours? 1.2. If the home is a standalone e.g. bungalow; then much the better.

1.3. But if the home is sandwiched between a block of homes e.g. a block of terrace homes "joined" together; then the actual facing direction is based on the "uniform" block of terrace homes. Thus, even if you change your facing direction of the home; it may be temporary and - if say you tilt at say 25 degrees; the terrace home stands out like a sore thumb!

2. But if the home is a bungalow (standalone); higher the success rate if one tilts the entire home. But if the tilt is again for just the main door; then again this is considered temporary. Ultimately, the home would still have the facing based on the entire frontage of the home.

3. There is no difference; say if one places the main door sideways... it is the facing direction that mostly counts.

4. Frankly, best to get a geomancer to look at the feasibility on-site as it is only fool hardy really to rely on advice by penning down a few lines of text. Imagination (right or wrong) may apply in an all text message.

As your message did not mention what type of home; you intend to tilt.

Further to what I had mentioned; better think twice IF one intends to till a terrace home.

For example, still possible to tilt a corner unit of a terrace. But again, further study is needed; as it also depends on the angle of tilt and how it affects the overall top-down (helicopter view) profile: Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. For example, a corner under such as that shown under Marking in RED "A".

I don't see how one could tilt say a terrace home sandwiched between other homes such as shown as Marking in RED "C".


Dear Master Cecil,

Thank you for the prompt and extensive reply. Yes fortunately it is a bungalow lot. However the front yard is rather small as it can only occupy 2 cars side by side and tilting the entire unit might cause it to be even smaller. Also If we are going to tilt the entire bungalow, then our unit will be the only unit in the whole project that faces NE whereas the others are either North or South orientation.

Thanks again for your reply and we will refer to your advise for our planning.

brgds Lee

Fortunately, there ain't no war! Else "MY HOME" stands up like a SORE THUMB! For both a terrace home and may / could include a semi-detached home; further investigations may be needed. While; if the home is a standalone such as a bungalow house; then, this has a better chance of success especially if the angle is not too acute and the new shape harmonises with it's surroundings.

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