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QUESTION: I have read up a little on geomancy but am somewhat confused by what should rightfully be the correct date when it comes to someone born after 12am but before 12:59am.

Eg, someone born on the western date of 12th March 2000 12:30am, should he/she be considered to be born on the chinese date of 6th or 7th February?

Casually asking around, was somewhat told that it should be considered as 6th February since the sun has not yet risen for 7th February, thus its not a new day yet.

Appreciate your input on the above towards this confusion of mine.

REPLY: SIMPLY THIS: Apply HOUR As A Separate Module From DAY

1. Please note that the Chinese Hour is based on TWO hourly timings.

2. Thus, it is a "repetitive" model e.g. 11 to 1, 1 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 7, 7 to 9, 9 to 11. Be it for am or pm. (Starting from odd numbers = yang)

3. Thus it can be said to be 11, 3, 5, 7, 9 and loops back to 11.

4. In addition, there are only TWELVE (12) Zodiac signs and in a 24 hour time frame. Thus Each zodiac sign must occupy one of the TWO hours. Logic says that the rat, being the first animal sign must start at some timing e.g. 11am.

5. Therefore, anyone born between 11am to 1pm or 11pm to 1am is considered as born in the RAT hour. Thus, these hours are definitely not belong to the OX = 1 to 3 or the PIG = 9 to 11.

Ref: http://lovesigns.net

6. There are TWO Schools of thoughts with regards to which day one is born in for those on this borderline of 11PM TO 1PM.


6.1.1 Some Geomancers use this extremist VIEW and consider anyone born between 11pm to 2pm as belonging to the "earlier" period: born on 6th February instead of 7th February.

6.1.2 As the description suggests; some practise this but in my opinion; not the most popular view.


6.2.1 Many of us instinctively feel and also see on our birth certificate that we are born e.g. 0001HRS onwards on a 7th February. Thus, it is very hard for a lay person to want to use 6th February instead of 7th February in this example.

6.2.2 Frankly, there is nothing wrong to "split-up" the TWO Hours into virtual time-zones. For example: 2300HRS TO 2359HRS on a 6th Feburary and then 0000HRS onwards to 1259HRS. This is perfectly fine! As ain't both still belong to the RAT hour?

6.2.3 Thus the HOUR field is a separate module from the DAY field!

REPLY: DO REMEMBER: Apply HOUR As A Separate Module From DAY

1. Please refer to the attached illustration.


2. Based on the Practical view on how to apply the hours in the Chinese system;

3. The rat hour will always be a rat hour distinct from the DAY module.

4. Thus, if one is born on 6th February between 2300HRS to 2359HRS; this is still the RAT hour. And 0000HRS to 0100HRS on 7th February is still the RAT hour except born on a different day.

5. The test of a system is to ask as many people what they think. Logically, most of us find this "practical view" more sensible than the extremist view. As I mentioned; look at the HOUR system as a separate MODULE from the DAY system. It is clearly illustrated in the attachment.

6. Of course, there are "extremists" out there who thinks otherwise. I am only trying to state the facts, here and it has more to do with commonsense.

Hi Master Cecil,

Many thanks! What you have explained has been very helpful as is detailed.

It is a very informative read and has helped cleared my confusion as well as any others who may be confused as I was.

Thank you!