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Classical Feng Shui by Master Cecil Lee with NO purchase of products

Say No! to Feng Shui ProductsGeomancy.net is the rare few that does not sell any commercial products. And, Yes, Feng Shui can be transparent!: "You were the mastermind behind our layout, color scheme and room selection. Nobody could tell our home was fengshui audited and we are comfortable living here" - Sharon Wong.

Imagine, in the past during our parents and grand parents time, there were no commercial products sold in the name of Feng Shui. Today, many geomancers realized that they can make lots of money selling useless commercial products. - Learn more

Hunting for your Perfect Home

Feng Shui House HuntingYour home is the most important asset. Thus, finding the perfect home with good Feng Shui is not easy.

Geomancy.Net has put up a house hunting guide with what you should look out for in your house hunting process. - Learn more

Cecil's Fix the Leak Concept

Fix Feng Shui LeaksIn order to apply Feng Shui successfully, you should not focus on enhancing or finding your wealth sector. Instead, it is more important to identify the various feng shui leaks which are often the major cause for any problems you face (health, wealth etc).

At Geomancy.Net, we always stress the importance of Identifying the Leaks in your Home and then fixing it. Once all your leaks are removed, you will already enjoy significant luck improvement. Only then should you try to enhance your home. - Learn more

Our Professional's Services

Geomancy.Net's Onsite Residential Feng Shui Audit and Onsite Commercial Feng Shui Audit is the most AFFORDABLE yet COMPREHENSIVE on-site audit in Singapore.

We will provide our Professional Feng Shui services to those in need (sometimes even free, or at a fraction of the cost). E-mail support@geomancy.net regarding your case.


An example: How we conduct our Feng Shui Professional Consultation

Type of House PRICE (SGD)
HDB 2/3 Rm. Flat $588
HDB 4/5 Rm. Exec Flat $688
Condominium $788

1st visit - to collect all necessary information and perform a comprehensive survey (1 hour)

2nd visit - to discuss with you all findings (ba zi of all family members, exterior & interior house fengshui, room-by-room house explanation, funiture placement, colour scheme etc.) (2-3 hours)

Detailed Explanation & Reports for your reference and understanding

Feng Shui audits do not need extensive renovations or hacking of wall(s). Also, authentic Feng Shui does not require you to purchase any modern commercial products.

Are you looking for a simple one visit peace-of-mind audit?

It's from $388, please contact Cecil Lee for more information.

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Handbook of Chinese Customs (First-time open door / Start of renovation / Move-in / Get Auspicious Dates)FREE Handbook of Chinese Customs (First-time open door / Start of renovation / Move-in / Get Auspicious Dates)

How to determine your Main Door direction
Learn how to obtain your main door direction for Feng Shui analysis.

Singapore Property Review
Learn and Find out about various Singapore Property Reviewed by Cecil Lee.

Today's Feng Shui Forecast
Check out what today's Feng Shui influence holds for you.

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You will find many Feng Shui Freebies, over several thousand of Authentic Traditional Feng Shui Resources & Articles, large collection of Chinese Culture & Pictures Collection, FREE Professional Feng Shui Advice, many Feng Shui ON-THE-FLY ANALYSIS (Ba Zi & Xuan Kong), highly comprehensive onsite or online Professional Feng Shui Consultation, Certificate Online E-Learning Feng Shui Courses, FREE visually compelling Feng Shui Talks & Events, Fun with Chinese Astrology & Horoscope, Feng Shui Directory for Webmasters, 3rd Party Links & more.

This website has grown a lot since it started in 1996, and has helped millions of people all around the world. Winning numerous Awards & Recognitions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, make use of our Search, Site Map or Site Overview Tour to assist you in locating what you are looking for. Enjoy your visit!

Warmes Regards,
Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net Robert Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Posted on 11 Aug 2016 (Thu)

Conversion And Migration Of Old Forum To New Forum - Completed - by Robert Lee

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