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Do you have an affordable 1 visit package for HDB/EC/Condo? Note: Please confirm availability as may be unavailable during Peak Periods

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Cecil Lee


1 visit package for HDB/EC/Condo? 

1. Yes, you can consider an on-site ONE (1) visit service for a HDB/EC/Condo unit. 

2. The fee is a fixed fee of $288/- weekdays. For weekends and public holidays add an addtional $68/- more.

3. I will go through room-by-room with you. You need to take down notes.

Do you offer a 1 visit audit for a few of us in our office? How much?

4. Yes, this office on-site service is also very popular! 

5. Have many cases where each friend pays only $88/- each. (Minimum fee is $264/-) = 3 persons @ $88 each.  

WHATSAPPx.gif.ff063f44ac223320de92f94ebe11098d.gif Cecil Lee, +65 97853171

P.S. This is not a Group Buy service. Anyone can use this service. However this service is subject to availability and may be unavailable during High Demand / Peak Periods.

Geomancy.net's Consultation Page Pricing Table:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/consultation-services/residential/singapore-residential-feng-shui-consultation

Shopping cart:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/store/category/5-singapore-onsite-home-consultation/?currency=SGD&csrfKey=322cbd0c03421f383b375dad8a1b1d6e

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