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  2. This is less relevant to the future residents of Rivercove Residences. Further down Sungei Punggol is a future road linking the existing Buangkok Drive (in red) towards Yio Chu Kang Road. This future road will be an additional avenue for residents in Sengkang to have more artery roads leading into Sengkang West. Especially since Buangkok Drive connects directly towards the KPE. Thus another alternative slip road to Seletar Mall and Anchorvale. In the past, this narrow strip of the mouth of Sungei Punggol was known by the villages and taxi-drivers as "Tongkang Pecha". This was because, many old "broken" down sampangs and wooden boats were simply abandoned at this Sungei Punggol. (Sungei means river). Now that you know a little history of this area. And yes, Jalan Woodbridge was also renamed to : Gerald Drive. As this was requested by the developer: MCL for their project called Seletar Springs Condominum. LTA agreed to this change of name. As Woodbridge Hospital has moved futher : a distance away as shown in the illustration below: Bottom left of this street-map:- Note: So far, no news of when will this road be constructed or ever will. It is as it is: just a planned road. Who knows.. it may never be built at all.. hmm... The last authentic Kampong is still around at Lorong Buang Kok. One can get to it via the PCN... go explore your potential new neighbourhood.
  3. These photos of Sungei Punggol shows the beautiful view of this waterway. Photos were taken directly opposite Rivercove Residences. These photos were taken from Rivertrees residences .. If a unit in Rivercove residences were to also face Sungei Punggol; it may get the same views but then; the unit could face the afternoon sun. Apologies these photos were taken from an Iphone 7 against the backdrop of the morning sun.
  4. Future Buangkok Drive extension in RED
  5. Rivercove Residences EC at Anchorvale Lane by Hoi Hup Realty is at the west edge / fringe of Anchorvale. Hoi Hup Realty is the same developer of 100 Palms. This development may not be as popular as 100 Palms. As 100 Palms site is at the main road of Yio Chu Kang. With a famous school Roysth within 1km distance from it. This site is more remote or further away. Thus Left to be seen if this development can also score a 100% sellout during launch...? hmm... For those who are not familiar with Sengkang. Sengkang is sub-zoned into Sengkang East or Sengkang West. With four distinct estate names: Sengkang East:- Rivervale = Blocks > 100 < 199 Compassvale = Blocks > 200 < 299 Sengkang West:- Anchorvale = Blocks >300 < 399 Fernvale = Blocks >400 < 499 Thus most likely the blocks at this development may most likely be > 300. Perhaps Block #36x? I will cover more about this development as soon as the site plan and floor plans are available. I understand that this site is expected to be launched in early 2018 or earlier...
  6. Today I had an audit near-by. I was curious to see if this traditional styled shop-front designed unit is still around. Indeed, it has been around for at least a decade or more. I really like the authentic style frontage. Even if it is a modern take of the traditional hand-crafted design... never mind... do take a look.. Hoong Woh Tong herbal tea & jelly @ Hougang Mall
  7. Yesterday
  8. Symbolism of Sailing Ships. Sailing ships are quite popular with some. Similiar Period ships but with varying movements of ships captured in these paintings..
  9. This people for convenience; because of the sheer volume of the Golf papers; do not fold them into gold ingots..
  10. In my way to an audit at Lorong Ah Soo, Hougang. These three persons were folding gold ingots: Nowadays, most other persons would literally have no time to fold these papers individually into gold ingots as shown above. They would just burnt stacks and stacks of the unfolded gold papers
  11. Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah At 639 Balestier Road Not many of these traditional treats left.. Penang in Malaysia has a few such stores left.. The best way is to market and package these products and offer as a wholesale company...
  12. Thomson 800 Flying Star Compass Degrees

    Thomson 800 and recent photos
  13. Blk 163 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 motif: angled squares
  14. Last week
  15. More photos: 2017 7th Month, at 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
  16. Visited a client at the recently T.O.P. development called Toa Payoh Crest at Toa Payoh Lorong 1. And this is the last weekend of thet few days of Chinese 7th month in 2017. What is interesting is that this Chinese 7th month festivities located at an open space next to Block 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 market is an older estate. Thus, it is no surprise to find a traditional style Opera stage:- Perhaps by the next 15 years or more; there will no longer have such stage performers or audiences that can appreciate this type of performance. As there simply may no longer have a market for this. Instead, one would end up getting those young pretty Getai singers. What a pity! Elaborate seat covers: This is common. A bidding point where people pay the highest price for various auctioned items:-
  17. T-Junction

    Understand. Thks Master Lee!
  18. T-Junction

    The layout is just a 2D view. As there is still a service road between this huge junction + there is also a canal + railings.. better than it is exposed directly to the junction. The test is that even a solid car or even truck has no means to fly into the home. This test alone makes it pretty safe. Again, if you get an utra conservative geomancer's advice... then...
  19. T-Junction

    Thks for response. By the way, all this can be rectified I suppose?
  20. T-Junction

    In my opinion, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, even if it is not an exact T-shaped junction: A. The entire frontage is exposed to the "slanted-T-junction" = Sha qi B. The sketch may be misleading.. but what is stopping a vehicle plowing in a straight line towards the gate of house 1. Although the drain with railings does help.
  21. T-Junction

    Hi, Reference to right hand drive, can I check if house 1 under the picture is considered as in path of poison arrow? Is T-junction only applicable when its direct 90 degrees head on? Also, if there is a temple house separated by another 2 house, is it ok in terms of fengshui? Thanks!
  22. Hi, May I know whether harbour view tower or skyline residence will have sharp edges pointing at block 93B?
  23. Stars of Kovan condo

    The most generous thing about this development is the huge over-hanging RC roofs. This implies that one might still get natural ventilation by opening certain windows for many units closer to the roof-line.
  24. Bellewaters EC @ Anchorvale Crescent

    The one and only approved design. Or literally... one size fits all... prison style but robust design... Ugly but functional.. This Photo shows a neighbour with the auspicious "Ang Cai" red banner..
  25. Getting ready the Parc Botannia's show room...along Sengkang West Way
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