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  1. Dear cecil, Would like to see a counter installed on the forum which will tell how many people accessed the forum from the day it was formed. Thanks.
  2. Dear cecil/robert, Would like to see all free reports available on the forum also. It will be easy and interesting to be able to access the mini reports here on the forum like the forecast mini report. Thanks.
  3. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that each element is assigned a planet. eg Water - Mercury wood - Jupiter Fire - Mars Earth - Saturn Metal - Venus My questions is what about the other planets why they are not included since there are 9 planets in the solar system. Thanks.
  4. Dear cecil, My friend lives in a house where toilet is located on the left side of the main door and kitchen on the right side of the main door(looking out). What can one do to improve the situation. Thanks.
  5. Dear cecil, Most fountains and aquarium have light in them. Is this bad since light is considered fire element. Thanks.
  6. Dear cecil, I read in a book that one should keep sea salt in the NE and SW location to stabilize the area. I needed to know why sea salt is considered earth element since it is derived from the water and not from earth. Thanks.
  7. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that one should have any empty space underneath the staircase. Is it true. Thanks.
  8. Dear cecil, One one draws a pie chart and calculates the flying chart. Does one need to apply the cure if the corner is missing and if so how and where. eg. suppose there is indentation in NW and the FS report says to place the metal in the NW so should we put the metal where should we put it since we don't have access to outside to make any modification. Thanks.
  9. Dear cecil, Would like to see pictures showing at least 5-6 good or bad kitchen arrangement. Thanks.
  10. Dear cecil, Is it bad to hang chinese calligraphy facing bedroom door. Is it bad to hang it facing a toilet door or kitchen door. Thanks.
  11. Dear robert/cecil, In the earlier posting you mentioned that house of conception is also known as the house of spouse but my report says that the house of conceptions means ones ability to have children. Can you please clarify this since it has me completely confused. Thanks.
  12. Dear cecil, Does the wealth element remains the same for weak or strong element. Thanks
  13. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that chinese people do not display the Bonsai plant inside their home. Is this true. Thanks.
  14. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that chinese people are very fond of jade and like to displays things made of jade. Would like to see some picture of things made of jade. Thanks.
  15. Dear cecil, I read somewhere that chinese people consider eclipses inauspicious. Is this true. Thanks
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