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  1. Dear Master Lee, We are wondering if a remedy in one sector can affect the stars in adjacent sector. For example, we placed a metal wind chime in the Northwest sector (our family room)to control the annual #5 (we have a little fan so the wind chime makes sound all the time). In the North sector (our dining area), we have the lucky #8 water star. The problem is that there is no wall separating the family and dining area, so we can hear the metal sound everywhere. So even though the wind chime is physically in the Northwest sector, can the metal sound weaken the #8 water star in the North sector? Thank you very much for your help. Regards, Nhan
  2. Dear Master Lee, We live in a two-story house.To counteract bad star combinations and/or annual stars in a given sector, should we place remedy (say a salt water cure) on both floors, or is a single remedy on the ground floor is adequate? Appreciate your advice. Best Regards, Nhan
  3. Dear Master Lee, Consistent with your advice, I have always used the end of construction date to generate the flying star chart. Some have told me the move-in date should be used. I would very much appreciate your insight on the topic of construction date vs move-in date. Regards, Nhan
  4. Dear Master Lee, In your responses, you advise us to keep the 3 stars (base-water-mountain) in balance and also to keep in mind the strength of each star based on the 9 cycles. But when stars are considered "dead", do their elements still exist to be used for balance? For example, in period 8, our central palace has 6B-8M-4W. The 8 is ruling so it is alive and strong. But I believe 4 and 6 are considered "dead" for period 8. Is it correct for us to think that only the single energy of the #8 is present in the central palace? With the base star and water star dead, we don't have to worry about the three star combination M-W, M-B, W-B? We will be very grateful for your time and help. Warmest Regards, Nhan
  5. Dear Master Lee, Usually one would use metal (6-rod windchimes, 6-coins) to cure the #5 Earth star, but I came across a recent article that talks about curing the #5 Yellow using the balance of Yin and Yang. It says to put 8 white-colored stones (to represent 8 White star) in the sector of the #5. The idea is to have 8 Earth (Yin) to balance 5 Earth (Yang) and neutralize its bad effect. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on the effectiveness of this cure since this is my first time hearing using Yin/Yang to overcome bad stars. Warmest Regards, Nhan
  6. Dear Master Lee, We have 2 concerns and would greatly appreciate your help. Our house is Period 6 Facing E1, so the central palace is M8-P6-W4-Annual5 (for 2004). 1) Some of the books said the central palace is like a prison, and stars get locked in. Do you agree with this interpretation? We are concerned our auspicious Mountain #8 is being "imprisoned" in the central palace, and is there a way to "unlock" and set it free? 2)For 2004, the nasty #5 is also in the central palace. Both nasty #5 and auspicious #8 are earth element. Is there a way to energize the #8 only? We are afraid to use the 5-element theory, because by strengthening #8, we are also strengthening #5 and we don't want to do that. Many Thanks! Warm Regards, Nhan
  7. Dear Master Cecil, In following your instruction to set up the salt water cure, I noticed a lot of white crystals have formed around the surfaces of the glass jar. What do the white crystals represent? Is the cure working? Also, is it necessary to use new coins and jar every new year, or is it okay to reuse the old coins from the previous year? Thank you for your help. Warmest Regards, Nhan
  8. Dear Master Cecil: Could you please help us with two questions: 1) Our house is a Combination of 10 (Period 6 Facing Jia E1). What kind of external and internal support should we have in order to activate its auspiciousness? 2) Our auspicious #8 mountain star is residing in the central palace. We have no way of giving it external mountain support in the middle of the house. Can we support it internally somehow? Grateful for your help. Nhan
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