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  1. Dear Robert & Cecil, Here wishing you and your family **May the Year of Earth OX, Brings abundance of wealth, Good Health & Happiness** Best Wishes Sophia
  2. Dear Robert & Cecil Lee May the year of Rat brings Abundance of Wealth, Good Health, Happiness And Prosperous to you and your Loved one Best Wishes & regards Sophia Chia
  3. Hi Robert & Cecil Lee Here wishing you Merry X'mas &A Happy New Year. May the year brings abundance of wealth and happiness to you and your family. Stay healthy always. Best wishes Sophia
  4. myfs_100950


    Dear Robert Lee First of all, many thanks with all the useful information. Have a pleasant day with warmest regards Sophia
  5. Dear Robert Lee Thanks and sincerely appreciate all the information. Have a nice day.... with warmest regards Sophia
  6. myfs_100950


    Dear Robert Lee Will be much appreciateof your advice where is the best position of placing the urn of my mother-in-lawin the temple.By placing at the eye level is auspicious or above the head level or at the bottom. As I know by placing thediety it should be above our head level and how about the urn and where is the best facing. Hope you would give us asap. Thank once again master. with warmest regards Sophia
  7. Dear Robert Lee An interesting question I would like to need your advice. As my mother-in-law was cremeted . Is there any auspicious re the color of the bone. It was a pinkish and brownish- black particles on the bone itself. Is there a reason behind it. Thank you in advance warmest regards Sophia
  8. Dear Robert Lee Do you ever heardofa remedy of the five ancientcoins. Seven ancient coins is soft metal. Six ancient coins is a strong metal. Singapore $1 coin (is a shape of the pakua) to put singapore $2.00 coinsin awallet. Doesthat some source of remedy. Thank you in advance. warmest regards Sophia
  9. Dear Master Robert Lee and Master Cecil Lee Wishing you, geomancy.net and your loved ones, "Good Health, Luck and Prosperity in Abundance year after year". Regards Sophia Chia
  10. Dear Robert Lee If I were to do painting my house or buying a house. How do I know feng shui and bazi have to be auspicious.How can I tell which part of my bazi is weak. Do I refer the day master or the yearly earthly branch or monthly branch. If the feng shui suitablity of the house is gooddoes that mean I also have to refer the bazi chart or either way bazi is good and thesuitablity is inauspicious.Do I have to check the breadwinner bazi. Hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance warmest regards Sophia Chia
  11. Dear Robert Lee I intend to start a home business in the web deal with accessories. As accessories is under Metal element. As I'm a strong Earth person needs Wood and Metal. Networking my desk is facing North and sitting South as both the locations suitable me butthere is a window and a buildingif I were to sit South. Building represent mountain as to support so I place a curtain. Under flying star South MS8 BS3 WS8 and1/4 is a missing corner. Please advice me is it aideal location for me. Thank you and with warmest regards Sophia Chia
  12. Dear Robert Lee Lately, I went holiday in HongKong. I notice Hongkong there's mountain every estate either facing the building or behind the apartment. Inside the apartment it's very small. One subject that I'm interested.To check the location of the building. By using the compass do I stand at the entrance door of the building which location is the building and follow bystanding at the centre of theapartment as it is on 31st floor should the apartment suitable to the breadwinner. If the master bedroom and all the rooms is not suitable to the spouse canthey still sleep in it. If someone ask me to audit a house should one tell them to place the remedy specially 5yellow and Tai Sui. If one have no experience in Bazi can still do the fengshui and flying star (just for the infor). I wish your forum will soon have the lesson of Bazi. Thank you and with warmest regards Sophia Chia
  13. Dear Master Cecil Lee Tks again. Well, I discovered that my sister house three of the roof top tiles were missing.I'm very sure inyour forum mention it will causebad thing happen. To wait 100 daysmean after remove the tiles than placenew tiles. They do not know when it was missing.She is nowin the hospital.Can the roof tile replaceduring her absent of the house or when she is still ill. Do they have to select the auspicious date for the replacement.Please give your advise. Tks once again. warmest regards
  14. Dear Cecil/Robert Lee Knowing the the main entrance favour to the breadwinner direction and room to the wife direcetion. But I was told from my friend's pratitioner that the main entrance and bedroom should favour to the breadwinner specially the couple should sleep in the master bedroom. The master bedroom there's MS2 WS5 BS8 and another room West 5 yellow with MS3 WS9 and BS1 SW room join with West room with MS8 WS5 BS5 and apart of SW is a missing corner. As WS5 can place brass or other metal. As both room is inauspicious and by placing the hulu and 6 coins at both room. Is the West room is better choice as master bedroom is located centre of the house. Please advise me. Thank you in advance warmest regards Sophia Chia
  15. Dear Robert/Cecil Lee Lately,one off our relativebought over cooked chicken feets to my sister home. As watermelon represents inauspicious what about the cooked chicken feets. Does it represent inauspicious as well.Shehappen to falls ill and was admittedICU off heart problem and diabetic been stay there for above two weeks and discharge . Looks there no improvements she is too weak and hasno appetite. Two days ago was admitted ICU again with the cause of virus infection in kidney. Now I'msadden by the news that sheis not in the good condition. My niece place a 6 coins at her bed headbut then was areadystayed in the hospital. Please gives your advice. warmest regards Sophia Chia
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