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  1. Hi Master, Thanks for the reply. Understand the information is too little, however maybe if I can ask further, can Green color in general prevent customers from coming into the restaurant or not good for restaurant? Thanks Master for your advise.
  2. Dear Master Cecil, We have just opened a restaurant with the facing direction North that is good for us. Our food has very good review and feedback. However many people find it difficult to find our restaurant even when they walked passed right in-front of the restaurant. We don't think it is the design of the entrance since it is full glass and with food menu on the glass panels. Someone mentioned it could be caused by the Green colored L-wall facing the entrance on the NE corner next to the entrance. If Green is the problem here we wonder if it will better if we painted it White or Beige. Thank you Master in advance for your advise. brgds Lee
  3. Dear Master, Recently I bought a charcoal mount about 1 feet high and 16 inch diameter. Is it ok to place it beside/near the entrance of the restaurant which is facing NORTH? Thanks Lee
  4. Dear Master, We would like to know if having the stair behind the wall where the stove is located is a feng shui problem. Also from our main entrance we can see the stairs to 2nd floor. The distance of the staircase from the main entrance is 25 feet. Is this also a feng shui problem? If so appreciate if you can recommend a cure for both. Thank you very much. Anon
  5. Dear Master, We would like to know if having the stair behind the wall where the stove is located is a feng shui problem. Also from our main entrance we can see the stairs to 2nd floor. Is this also a feng shui problem. If so appreciate if you can recommend a cure for both. Thank you very much. Anon
  6. Dear Master, Thank you for the lengthy response. We will take note of your advise and do accordingly. rgds
  7. Dear Master, Thanks in advance for taking the time help us. We recently received the key to our new apartment completed in March 2013. According to google map and compass measurement it is a S2/N2 based on the direction taken from the main door and apartment entrance. The apartment is located on 6th floor. We are both East Group people. The designated kitchen location is next to the main door at the South sector of the nine grid. In Period 8 we understand S2/N2 has the double 8 located in the South sector. 1) Having a kitchen in the South will be bad for us? 2) We are thinking of relocating the kitchen to the north grid that has the 947 star combination. Will it be a better option? Will having the kitchen in the North be bad also for us since we are kua 3 and 4? Thank you again.
  8. Dear Master, We need to seek your advice on a house we are interested to buy. It is a landed semi-detach house with the main facing SW with the beach/ocean just a few feet away. However we are all East Group people. From our understanding of feng shui reading, it is ok for East Group people to stay in a West Group House as long as we tap into our auspicious direction. Since South is our most auspicious direction, we intend to tilted the front door to face the South. As for occupying the sector of the house, we will occupy those sector deemed auspicious in a SW house like SW, W, NE and NW. Please let us know if it is alright for us to buy the West House if we practice the above. Or in your opinion, East Group people should not buy a West Group House and vice versa? Thank you for your prompt reply Anon
  9. Dear Master Cecil, We are very confused with the position of the stove for our home. I have attached a file for reference and hope you can understand it. In Pic 1, the stove can be placed facing Southeast which is my Nian Yen direction. However when cooking I will be standing and facing Northwest which is my Wu Kuei. Which is more important: the facing direction of the stove, or my facing direction while cooking? In Pic 2, the stove is placed at a corner, both my facing and the stove facing direction is auspicious to me. Will this position be better? Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon. Anon
  10. Dear Master Cecil, With my apartment facing NW2 and sitting SE2, the mountain star falls to the back of the apartment which happens to be my bedroom. To activate the mountain star, I am thinking of using Rock/Stone tiles on the wall where my bed's headboard located. Is this good? If this is not acceptable, then what else can I do to activate the mountain star? Thank you in advance Anon
  11. Dear Master Cecil, Could you please advise on the planning of the hall layout as per attached: 1) The kitchen is within the line of sight of the main door entrance. I am planning to build a partition to block it. Full height or half height? 2) Is the current location of the dining table acceptable? 3) The fridge is beside the toilet wall. Should I change it with the sink? 4) The sofa is also directly in line with the entrance. Is this ok? Thanks and gratefully yours, Anon
  12. Dear Master Cecil, I would like to know what should I do with items after the 3rd day specifically thechinese tea and the sprouted grean beans. The rice and beans on the floor I should be able to throw away, right? Thanks in advance. Anon
  13. Dear Master Cecil, Thank you for the invaluable article on initial opening and moving house ceremony. Our questions are based on your pdf file, "Initial-Opening". For the initial opening ritual, does it apply also to brand new apartment without renovation or furnishing? Ours is newly built apartment and yet to be furnished. If so, there will not be any stove or kitchen area yet in the apartment and as such what do we do about the placement of item on kitchen stove as per No. 8 of your pdf file?. What about the tea leaves (tie kuan yin), No. 5? Only leaves or brewed chinese tea? Thank you in advance. Anon
  14. Dear Master Cecil, We finally received our new apartment and currently planning for the renovation. As you can see from the attached file,the current location of the kitchen is between N and NW sector. We know this is bad for the breadwinner, and thinking of shifting the kitchen to bedroom 3 (not using) at the SW sector. However SW sector is afflicted by 1 5 3 stars and accordingly having a kitchen here will make the stars worst. Please advise whether to shift or remain at NW. Or is it better to move the kitchen more towards the N sector though it is beside the entrance? Thank you in advance most gratefully, Anon
  15. Dear Master, Happy New OX Year 2009! Here I would like to thank you for your advices all this while and how wonderfully they have helped our life. Our new apartment will be ready in a couple of months time. The new apartment is facing NW2 sitting SE2. Our current apartment faces S1 and sits N1. My brother and I belongs to the East Group and respectively kua 3 and 4. Both males. Please find our questions below: 1) We decided to stay at both apartments maybe 1 during the weekend and the other during weekdays. How will this affect our feng shui? 2) The new apartment has missing W and E. As E represent Eldest Son, will this affect us? Also what is the best cure for missing W and E? 3) We also read in one of your reply to new house, info for shifting in, etc are located at info.geomancy.net. However the pdf link to "getting key" is incorrect. Can you please update the link? Thank you so much again.
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