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  1. How does one know if they are a weak or strong element. I know that my husband and I are both wood element. My birthday is May 12, 1961 2:43pm and my husbands is april 26, 1961 4:pm. Are strong or weak. Also, our home was built in 1957 - (5) and facing directly WEST. (we brought the house before I new about FS). Even though the house faces our total loss direction, it is a Wang Shan, Wang Shu house. How can I use this to increase our luck. We REALLY need to increase our cash flow and sell a car.
  2. I am a big believer in Flying Star FS and have used it to enhance many sectors of my life. However, I have not been able to find any tips on selling a car. Can you give me any good Feng Shui tips on selling my car? Many thanks
  3. I would really love to put a pond in my back yard, but everything that I have read about in FS says water in the front of the home. My house faces west, sits east and it was built in 1957 (year 5 construction). My husband and I are both Kua #3 (wood). I would love to hear from you. Thanks.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I really do understand (or thought I did) the five elements concept clearly. I believe my confusion comes from reading conflicting information. i.e Idiots guide: center of home: 3(sitting)7 (facing)5 construction. their comment was: Metal pierces wood, domination cycle involving the unfavorable #3 and prevailing but inherently unfavorable #7 - add reductive phase water. ISN'T #7 LUCKY UNTIL 2004 WHEN THE CYCLE CHANGES? Am I making too much out of this? Any good books you could recommend? Thanks soooo much.
  5. I have been studying FS for about 3 years and have run across conflicting advice and would like some other opinions. so here I go: 1 - Color vs. trigram vs. room. What takes precedence if the personal trigram is Xun which is water/wood conflicts with where the room is located (SW which is fire/metal)? 2- How important is the annual number when added to the flown construction yr/trigram numbers. Which takes precedence? 3 - When the Flying star analysis conflicts with the traditional FS. for example: our bedroom is located in the SE part of the house, this represents wealth add wood, green etc. However according to the flying star analysis the numbers are 4sitting/mountain 8 facing/water star. I would add fire to enhance the financial gain associated with #8. Fire burns wood - which would I do? 4 - What other general enhancements can I make for the health of my family/children, My center numbers are 3 sitting - 7 facing and 5 construction. 5 - What suggestions could you make for a good Flying Star analysis book. I have the complete Idiots guide to Feng shui, it is good although incomplete and I have found several inconsistantancies.
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