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  1. Hi, I am a female born aug 7, 1963 7:00 am new orleans, la. USA. My problem: I love my job, however my boss is always upset with me, what can I do? Thank you, Spring
  2. Hi best regards, my birth aug 7 1963 am 7:00 am cst, where is the best placement for. My telephone? thanks spring
  3. Hi, my new classroom is facing north, I am a weak water rabbit where should I place my classroom desk? my birth aug 7' 1963 7:00 am central standard time, female. Door of classroom in north sector, back of classroom in south with wall of windows, what to do? my most gracious thanks. Spring
  4. Dear Forum, I am a weak water rabbit(Aug 7, 1963 7:00 AM Central Standard Time New Orleans, La USA- living in a southwest apartment where apartment building built 1998 front door facing east. My finances are awful and never been this bad. How through feng shui can I improve it? My most sincere thanks.springdisney.
  5. Dear Sir, what is the belief or superstition in which wrist to wear it?thanks.
  6. Hi, where should i place a red pyramid, i am a weak water element? my bedroom is in the north area of home,would i place it here?.thanks.
  7. Hi and many thanks for your great helpful site. My husband born June 25, 1959 10:00 am,Baghdad,Iraqis a doctor however has had no luck in finding a job, what can help him? many thanks.
  8. Hi, love your site! Question: I have 3 laughing Buddhas, can they all be together or different locations?thanks.
  9. Happy New Year! I am confused, I have a salt cure in the north east kitchen, should I have another in the north or the south of my apartment, in the past when it was in my bedroom I start getting sick, what is theChinesetradition of this cure? thanks so very much. spring.
  10. So much bad news coming? What can we do if our sign is the weak water rabbit? thanks for advice and best regards.
  11. Hi, what do you do if it is unavoidable but foot of bed is facing bedroom door/directly inline? (the coffin position) Many thanks!
  12. Hi, the report for sleep-head of bed states I sleep with my head in various areas, however the room is very small and my sons bed is also in the same room, should I follow the rule that my bed be farthest from the door or my kua number? thanks
  13. hi, having bad time at work year, where should i place my desk? birth aug 7, 1963 7:00 am CST USA. many thanks.
  14. Hi this is a fantastic site and very insightful however, me being a weak water rabbit many days are unfavorable. Why not include in Today's forecast what one can do to improve their day or forecast. That way it gives something positive and helpful. Thanks.
  15. hi, my birth aug 7, 1963 weak water rabbit, a bathroom is in the center-south of my apartment. what can i do? thanks.
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