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  1. Dear Users, We are pleased and excited to inform you of the following changes to Geomancy.Net. Geomancy.Net has grown a lot since it's launch in 1996, and many changes and features have been added to the website from time to time. However, it is time for a COMPLETELY NEW website and not a revision or upgrade to our existing website. Since it is coming to our anniversary in June. We have been busy in the past few weeks completely re-thinking & re-organising our website from scratch, with improved layout, and added features to the website etc. A new Geomancy.Net website will be launched together with new dual 1Ghz PIII servers to provide you with even faster and better access to our websites and online tools. This new website:- - tightly integrates all our various sections of the website - allows the use of dynamic features of .shtml and .asp instead of our .htm to provide greater site integrations with our new Polls & survey sections etc. - expect new features such as personalised pictures collection / downloads, sending postcards with our many unique pictures collection in our My Picture sections. - New Resources, FAQ sections, Help, Review & lots more - Most importantly, you will enjoy a much faster and more interactive website with very simplified navigations and more. - New payment gateway with support for Secure Wallet for those banks who support this. - Many new features planned for every one (free, members, students, & webmasters) - & lots more with end-users and webmasters features! More to be made know later when the new website is launched! Any certificate requested, administrative approval / disapproval of new sites, banners etc will all be put on hold until the complete upgrading works completed. These will be backlogged by us once everything is completed. Apologise for the any inconvienced caused. We would like to thank all users for their support and feedbacks. Warmest Regards Robert & Cecil Lee Center for Applied Feng Shui research
  2. Dear Faten, In the future, please use the online reports Free House Hunting report under the List of Wizard Report to assist you. Generally, the house is your husband's spook and your irritation. This means the house is not suitable for both of you. Since this is a suitability issue there is very little you can do to correct this unsuitability, simply you should avoid it. However, if you really still like the place, then make sure that the bedroom which you intend to sleep in is at least auspicious for you (based on the Eight House) and that the Feng Shui of the House is auspicious in its main door and bedroom (based on the Flying Star). Then fix up any problem areas in the house based on Flying Star, and shapes and forms issue. If you can do at least these two things, it will help reduce the problem. However, since the house is unsuitable, you will not expect to get much quantum leap in wealth aspect if you compare to another person who stays in a house with the main door being his Prosperity or Excellent direction. However, it is also not too bad considering that it does not fall under your death of disaster direction where are even worst. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  3. Dear Users, We found many questions asked on the two following questions and so we have added them to our Personal Enhancement under the Wizard Report in our My FengShui section - Where is my Wealth Sector? - Colour for my bedroom? Using the same Wizard like question and answer frm the House Hunting report, we have developed these two questions as a start of the many I want to know... questions. 1. Where is my Wealth Sector? - Tells you where your wealth sector is and how to activate it. 2. Colour of my bedroom? - Tells you what are good colours to choose for your personal bedroom. --------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy these changes. Warmest Regards Robert Lee Center for Applied Feng Shui Research
  4. Dear Colleen, 1. For questions such as what colour should my bedroom be or what colours suits me you should make use of the your Personal Element Free report to determine your personal element. Eg. weak wood Would mean that your favourable elements are water & wood. Water => blue, black, gray Wood => green, brown So generally you can make use of these as your favourable colours. 2. For painting colours in a house. Generally, our advice is to leave it white (as it represents metal which is the most common cure for most problem). However, other colours are off-white colours which will make the house bright. Do not use dark colours eg. dark red, dark blue, instead use light shades of red and blue etc. This will brighten up the room. 3. If you are the only one in the bedroom then you should use your most favourable colours eg. weak wood -> light blue. 4. If you are sharing the room with another person, please use the Comparision report in the My FengShui section to determine your binding element (for most compatible people, there will only be 1 element. eg. weak water and strong metal The binding element would be water. So it will be good for both people to use shades of blue, black, gray. For less compatible combinations, two elements might appear so you have to use a little of these two combinations or leave the bedroom white (neutral) colour. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  5. Dear Himanshu, You should follow the graphical representation as shown below:- When a direction is WEST, you should read it as this way depending on where you are applying it:- 1. Working direction you should be in the position where WEST is your front while EAST is your back. 2. Sleeping position, is where you head is pointing to the WEST and feet to the EAST. 3. Bedroom location where the room is located to the WEST of the house. You can make use of the several bedroom location, bed direction, work direction and study direction free reports in the My FengShui section to help you determine these directions. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  6. Dear Users, We are pleased and excited to announce the latest additions to our series of online tools:- A. House Hunting made Easy Report Wizard This is based on our first edition of the Finding a Good House report. But it is greatly enhanced to provide you with a comprehensive tool to House Hunting. Features: ========= 1. A wizard like question and answer which leads you into generating the report 2. It comes in a Two/Three parts report system depending on your choice of selections. - Haven't begun to look for a house? - Already found a few houses you like? Depending on which you select, appropriate analysis reports will be revealed to help you analyse suitable houses. 3. This system helps you determine the best house direction so that you can narrow down your search to only the best houses with a detailed recommendations and 4. It allows you to do a suitability analysis of the house and it's overall Flying Star analysis of the 9 sectors based on the house direction of your potential house, and gives you a final recommendation advice to whether you should purchase that house. This gives you a chance to preview the Feng Shui of the House itself with a slightly less detailed analysis of the potential house. Plus suitability analysis and recommendations. 5. Finally, the current first launch will link to the Group Analysis Eight House to provide a summarized report for the entire family to the house. So that you know whether the house has suitable bedrooms for the rest of the family. A more detailed an integrated report to help link the entire family to the House Hunting will be made available at a later date. --------------------------------------------- This report will be made available as a further extension to the Finding a Good House report and makes it easy for ANY ONE looking for a new home. FREE version is also made available with a restriction to only 4 direction (North, South, East & West analysis). B. Updates to Finding a Good House Report ========================================= We made a change to the direction of the houses eg. NW3 (330) to NW3 (322.5 - 337.4). So that users will not be need to refer to any table to determine whethe 330 degree present what angle 330 reprsents. --------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoy the various changes. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  7. Dear Diane, Usually, the preferred location is in the living room. If it is placed in the living room, preference is not to raise it too high. If you have a separate room that can hold the aquarium it is equally fine. It is best not to place the aquarium behind the house or in a room behind the house. Warmest Regards, Cecil
  8. Dear Users, It has been an exciting few days where many changes has been implemented for My FengShui - Online System within a short time. 1. WIZARD STYLE NAVIGATION ========================== We have given the entire site a common Wizard Style Navigation (Report Generation Wizard, Book Download Wizard, & Certificate Course Wizard). We hope to create a uniform method of access all the features on the website easily for both advance users and novice internet users. Each step of the way is being guided each page so that you know exactly what to do. 2. REPORTS UPDATE & NEW REPORTS =============================== We have officially released several reports into the Free Person Self Report section. So remember to login and check them out. Besides having a facelift, we have also added explanation and made it easier to understand. We have removed the limitation of 1st Five profiles which we had previously imposed. Currently the Auspicious Date and many reports in the Personal Self report is now available for unlimited report generation. 3. BETA PREVIEW REPORTS ======================= After many users request, we have now removed the lock made on the report to default only to the 1st profile. Now all paid users can generate the Preview version of the report so long as the profile is marked as PAID=PREMIUM. However, please note that these are BETA versions, and some links are still disabled. In addition, we have released a free version which ALL users can try out. However, we have restricted it to only a few sections for preview purpose only. Feel free to try them:) 4. OTHER CHANGES TO COME ======================== We are currently revising all the reports under all sub-categories so that we can upgrade them to newer versions and also replace or add new reports for all users. Thus, there will be many new and exciting reports to be released either as Free, or Paid or both. As far as possible, we will try to ensure that a free version is available for all to make use of. ============================================ Hope that you enjoy the various changes. Meanwhile, we would like to thank all users for their constant support and feedback. Warmest Regards Robert & Cecil Lee Center for Applied Feng Shui Research
  9. Dear Users, We would like to inform you of a new and improved My FengShui site! Since our major hardware upgrade in Jan-Feb 2000, we have been busy upgrading all the various parts of the site (My FengShui, My Resources, My Adviser etc). Finally, it My FengShui's turn for the upgrade. My FengShui has undergone its 4th major revision since it was launch in 1998 (without a management system). It has grown significantly just like the main Geomancy.Net with now a large variety of comprehensive reports to help you improve your life. Due to the complexity of the site and the many additions to the site along the way, it is now time for a new revision:- This revision includes:- - Improved navigational interface - Forgot Password option - Improved layout - Improved management for creating, editing and deleting all profiles. - Improved report selection and generation (one clean and easy page) - Clean up on many backend modules added through the development of this site. - Improved template and management system for easy updates - Improved and revised reports What is more important is that we have also taken the time to review and update many of the reports for free, members and paid. Some notable report changes include:- 1. Eight House Added Kua Number, Kua Element, Element Group and several explanations. 2. Flying Star House Number Added Five element analysis to bring it to a more detailed level of analysis. 3. Family Audit Added the Flying Star Chart, Sector details and general analysis to the free and member version. Many other reports has many revision in the layout of details etc. There are more reports updates coming soon. Some more enhancements are being reviewed and improved at this time (but not ready for launch). --- In addition, for webmasters interested in adding a customised version of My FengShui (with a separate database hosted by us) to their site, can now approach us for some partner/joint venture. Please e-mail robert-lee@geomancy.net for more details --- We have made more than 10-20 revisions on the various parts of our site since its launch. Users who have been with us have seen us our site change as we grow. It was an extremely difficult task to find a layout and navigational system that can handle the size of our site. But from the many favourable feedback we had, we know that you like this latest re-vamp of the site. So this look and feel is set to say for an extremely long time. This will now allow us to focus our time on providing more online tools, site content & resources and etc without having to worry about how to put them forward to you. So remember to keep yourself in touch with out site, by signing up for the mailing list (found at all parts of the site) or simply joining this forum. You will be seeing many more fantastic additions to the site:) Warmest Regards Robert & Cecil Center for Applied Feng Shui
  10. Dear Users, We have been working on updating all the reports in the My FengShui. The first to be completed was the Eight House version 2. This includes an accurate 8 pie division of each sector rather that the 9 square grid version. This can be printed out and superimpose onto your home layout for accurate and breakdown. Also, this free report has been made available as a free quick report and has been listed in this forum. The advantage is that for both reports, you can create the reports directly in this forum. Hope you enjoy the new updates and changes. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  11. Dear Users, In order to expand our site and the forum's functionality, so that it will seemlessly be able to integrate to our future enhancements, we have made a configuration change in the My Adviser. This means that there will be some changes to the url access which has been updated to the main url http://www.geomancy-forum.com or http://myadviser.geomancy.net. To all mailing list users, the previous url http://forum.geomancy.net:8080/~geomancy will be not accessable. Instead, the new url has been changed to:- http://forum.geomancy.net:8080/webboard/$webb.exe/~geomancy . This change will make it easier for us to add more functionality into the forum as well as for us to integrate the entire system into a common login interface later on. Also, as we will be upgrading this forum to a newer version to support features like forum access via News group reader, we have decided to make this switch earlier to prepare for these various changes. Sorry for any inconvienced caused. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  12. Dear Users, We have fixed a configuration problem which did not allow the messages for the pass few days to be sent out to all users who had subscribed to the mailing feature of this forum. You may have to login to check out the mails that have not been send out via the mailing list. Apologise for that. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  13. Dear Users, With immediate effect,I have changed the e-mail address and url of this forum permanently to: - URL: http://forum.geomancy.net:8080/~geomancy E-mail: listmanager@forum.geomancy.net The previous temporarily address web1140.3dmail.com and e-mail address can still be used to sent and received messages to this forum. As mentioned by Cecil, it is best to post a new message, each time rather than Reply to an old message which may not be in use anymore. It is also easier to respond to a new message. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  14. Dear Neil, Please see below:- ----- Original Message ----- From: Listmanager To: Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 10:19 AM Subject: Disaster at front door If you want to move the door, it is best to consult a competent Feng Shui practitioner or currently, as you are only using the Eight House Theory, another major consideration is to look at the Flying Star chart of the house. Here, it would be best to use the Flying Star to analyse whether the current door position and if you still want to change the door position, to analyse the Flying Star chart based on the new door position (assuming that it may or may not alter). For the house, the first priority goes to the the analysis based on the Flying Star Chart. For example, if the location of the main door is an auspicious location, this would be a plus point. Or it lessens the fact that it is your Disaster sector. It could be worse if the current main entrance door location is an auspicious location but because, you had shifted the door, the house/the main door and thus the entire Flying Star Chart of the house may be altered. If the sector is an auspicious sector under the Flying Star Chart, placing a mirror outwards may undoubtly bounce away the auspciousness of that sector i.e. main entrance door. Please note that usually it is not advisable to `mix' concepts from various authors. Either you follow one completely or not at all. If you follow say Derek Walter's `advice', you have to use all his ` tools ' available from start to end. Warmest Regards, Cecil
  15. Dear Ang Chye, For married couples, it is not adviseable to us/placee two beds joined together. But for children, there should not be an issue of joining the two beds together to form a bigger bed. The best advise is if one is using two sets of bed is to leave a gap between the two beds. Warmest Regards, Cecil ----- Original Message ----- From: Listmanager To: Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 10:20 AM Subject: Having side by side beds arrangement
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